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Интернет-журнал "Новости искусства в Санкт-Петербурге"

Dmitry Yermolov

«Fleeting Impressions»


From 2 to 26 November 2011 year


Over the city - mist, mist.
The old mists of love.

Marina Tsvetaeva

Dmitry Yermolov’s Mists

In the paintings of Dmitry Yermolov reigns fog. Flowers and landscapes as if curtained with a precious veil. Haze that envelops all that falls gaze of the artist, creates an intimate atmosphere of tenderness and comfort, as cotton, which packed the old glass Christmas toys.

Spectator covers feel as if he rides by the train through the beautiful blossoming countryside, the image is slightly blurred in motion, but there is a bright, festive feeling different, wonderful life, when the soul touching melody sounds - maybe it's the flute... Maybe saxophone...

Heart Yermolov is given to flowers. His passion for him will never be satisfied. He portrays them again and again, they shine on his canvases and as if melting before our eyes from contact with air, as in the fairy tale Snow Maiden by Ostrovsky.

In the landscape, "Autumn Sun", "Autumn Forest", "Two birches" Yermolov creates a fragile, ghostly image in a mirror of forest river, to which we came, rustling fallen leaves, yellow and red, and suddenly a looking glass appears. You threw a stone where - and all is lost, hidden in the ripples in the haze. And the leaves fall off still, and kept falling down from the branches rustling ingratiatingly.

A picture of «Apples» and «Branch of apple-tree» – are not really landscapes and still lives not. This is the line between summer and autumn, when the air is filled with aromas of apples and leaves, the sky is blue, the head is spinning - and then outlines softened, clothed in mist.

This fabulous mist, the softness motivated by love, with which the artist looks at our world, he presents it to us as a gift, like a pearl, shimmering in a velvet box, like a precious jewel, which will never get bored, which can be passed from one generation to other as a reminder that life is grand.


He was born in 1976 year in city of Voronezh, Russia
In 1999 graduated from Pedagogical University of Voronezh
In 2007 graduated from Easel Department of Painting Institute named after Ilya Repin (Academy of Arts).

He lives and works in Saint-Petersburg.


His works are kept in the private collections in Ukraine, Norway, Finland, Russia, USA and France.


1999 – Regional exhibition "The Black Earths", Kursk, Russia
2002 – Exhibition of summer plain-air. Pushkinskiye Mountings
2003 – Exhibition, dedicated of 300-years Anniversary of Saint-Petersburg, London, Great Britain
2004 – Exhibition of summer works. Theme is "Pushkinskiye Mountings"
2004 – "Avant-garde Gallery", London, Great Britain
2005 – Exhibition of summer works. Theme is «The Crimea. Alupka»
2006 – "The copies of Hermitage", Academy of Arts, Saint-Petersburg
2006 – «Flag of Saint Andrey», Artists Union, Saint-Petersburg
2007 – “Academic Dacha” Artists Union of Moscow, Moscow
2007 – "The flowers", town of Plovdiv, Czech Republic
2007 – Мall Gallery, London, Great Britain
2007 – «An autumn», Artists Union, Saint-Petersburg
2007 – «Fatherland», Central House of Artist, Moscow
2008 – «Fatherland», Central House of Artist, Moscow
2010 – Knocking On Heaven's Door", Saint-Petersburg
2010 – "An autumn", Artists Union, Saint-Petersbur

"I like to paint the flowers. Flowers - a wonderful gift of nature, people create legends about them, give, wish and admire them.

I picture them in different styles - depending on mood, feelings and experiences. And my paintings - a diary of my soul states.

I started to paint with first year of University, first realistic landscapes, still lives, narrative paintings, and then learned more about painting, the richer getting my pictorial language. Later, there were the favorite colors - deep forest green, pure red, hot orange, sometimes blue, terracotta and often necessarily yellow.

Real objects only give impetus to my imagination, excuse to plunge into the magical world of colors.

In my works again and again I return to my experiences, memories, each time finding new music to the lyrical melodies of my paintings. And this will until I am alive."

Dmitry Yermolov