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Exhibition of June


«Happiness on the beach»

1 - 23 June 2015

"Happiness on the beach"

"... White foam
Is looks like mountain snow
Do we swim in the sky?.."

Valerie Vashest

"... So, finally, I'm here again. My piece of paradise, my favorite beach. Every summer I come here, and how well here, how joyfully come back here again. I sit on the beach and do not yet fully believe that in front of me so many beautiful summer days so there is no need to hurry, but you can just sit quietly and admire the sea and listen to the cry of gulls. The sun slowly rolls to a sunset. It becomes cooler, but the stones still keep warmness of the heat day, they are so nice to step on by feet. Children's laughter and screaming traders die down, the beach gradually emptied, people one after another gather their things and went out. However, there are others who are a minority - lovers of evening swimming. At this time of day the water looks very warm, because the air has cooled. If you go into the water, you can not even feel the chill, and just go into a state of weightlessness, lie on your back and the water will keep you and gently shake. And another is the depth! Below me now - a whole underwater world: slowly inhale and exhale jellyfish like flying saucers, flashing a bevy of gay fish. They've got a different reality and maybe I look for them as unseen mysterious sea beast, unknown how drifted in their possession... " (an excerpt from my school composition).

My series of 30 works "Happiness on the beach..." - almost a literary story of the cosmic, eternal, and against this background - of our earth, fleeting one.

Irina Abramova


Born in Krasnodar in 1963.
1983 graduated Krasnodar Art College.
1991 graduated Krasnodar University.
Painter's works are in private collections in France, England, Sweden and Czech.

First of all Irina Abramova's magic is in the colors of her palette, which is close to the impressionistic one thanks to the spectral clearness of color. Bright colors set the tone of the impression mood, telling us the whole provision of the author during a process of painting a work. One brushstroke, by her mind, is very important as an information bearer about fragment of the author's condition at the moment of creating.

Composition of quiet joy of the inner calmness and a light manner of painting confirm the expressive advantage of her "specially-woman" style over other things around (not only "men"). But by rule, CREATING involves in its masterpieces and carries to the spectator a hidden conflict, a non-decidable dilemma and many other things.

Irina never paints with sad colors and her works are always content. The main rule of her magic is "similar things always attract like a magnet to each other". That's why it's necessary and possible to speak about sadness and joy using the same light colors. When she is in a process of building relations with somebody - she paints "Princes", "Princesses", "Babies" and "Madonna". All sides of Irina Abramova's creating are always encircled with mysterious aureole representative for the Romanticism artistic stream esthetic, which is idiosyncratic to art at all and distinctive to every intellectual mind. This fact is not accidental; it is better to say that it's a typical feature. As far as it is known, in the 18th century the concepts "romantic" or "romanic" signified everything, which was unusual, fantastic and "like in a novel".

Tatiana Denissenko