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Exhibition of December

Painting, Drawing

25 Nowember - 20 December2015

We all love some particular home - or one in which we live now, or one that is stored in the memories, and the others - the one which is not yet, which exists in dreams. Almost all in childhood loved to draw little houses - some are so enthusiastic that they became architects. In short, for all of us - except for a small number of people who are convinced homeless - the word "home" - non-indifferent, it causes a lot of images and associations.

You come to another country - look at the houses, running along the road, and wonder - what kind of is life there? You go in the evening through the city - look at the lighted windows and think: what kind of people live there? What interesting things they do? A New Year a little house in the snow, with lighted windows - it is also the symbol of a fairy tale, waiting for a miracle. Image of the ruins of the building sets the viewer at the sad, philosophical mood ... Homelessness - a symbol of inconvenience, insecurity.

InEpilogue of herPoem Without a Hero Anna Akhmatova says:

But the joyful word-home-
It is a word unknown to
All now, all look through foreign panes.

Therefore, the image of house,painting withurban and ruralview-it is not justindifferenttransferof realitybutemotionalgreetingofhuman life,an invitationto look at thiswith warmthand attention.

Painting exhibition of houses imagesof the S.P.A.S. galleryplans to showin a darktimein Saint-Petersburg,in the late autumn,when sorequiredatmosphereof warmth and light,whichcreatespaintingsof great artists, not onlyours,but also from othercities.