Интернет-журнал "Новости искусства в Санкт-Петербурге"

Exhibition of December 2015

«He depicts an ideal of Nature»

01.11.2015 - 24.11.2015

«When, far away from vain society
He depicts an ideal of Nature

Alexander Pushkin

«All things, particularly in art, are theory
developed and applied in contact with nature...»

Paul Cezanne

Work in the open air, observing the natural states, forms and color of the environment leads to the discovery of new visual art possibilities.

Impressionists, coming out of the studios in the country, discovered the law of complementary colors, the use of which increased the expressiveness of the picture, filling it with shimmering, pure colors.

Work at the open-air helped to Cezanne reveal that it should "Treat nature in terms of the cylinder, the sphere, and the cone." This observation identified the development of twentieth-century art: GEOMETRIZATION.

Cubistic landscapes by Braque and Picasso painted with these forms. Peeled from object sensations, states, geometric shapes flew in space of canvases by Malevich: SUPREMATISM.

Sterligov on the lake saw a lot of clouds and their reflections in the water, showed cup-and-cupola structure of the world.

Matyushin, founder of the organic movement in the art:

"Our teacher - nature and never have to go from observation of nature. But trying to express the real nature - it does not mean to copy it... ". "And we must learn from nature constantly, slowly but consistently burn through rubbish, junk obsolete forms."

The desire to portray the Nature’s Face by modern means unites the artists of this trend.

The exhibition presents works by:

  1. Vladimir Sterligov
  2. Tatyana Glebova
  3. Alexander Baturin
  4. Alexey Gostintsev
  5. Svetlana Karlyhanova
  6. Anya Lunevskaya
  7. Elena Gritsenko
  8. Nataliya Vatenina
  9. Larisa Astreyn
  10. Victor Grachev
  11. Mikhail Tserush
  12. Alexander Nosov
  13. Olga Moiseeva
  14. Svetlana Tsvirkunova
  15. Gennady Zubkov
  16. Nataliya Kim
  17. Yuliya Ignatyeva
  18. Olga Polozova
  19. Lyudmila Ponomareva
  20. Nastya Zeelova
  21. Andrey Kurguzov
  22. Alexander Stavissky
  23. Nataliya Bruckmyuller
  24. Mariya Kurbanova
  25. Vera Dubinina
  26. Katya Smirnova
  27. Andrey Chudinov
  28. Lizaveta Stepanova
  29. Alexander Kozhin
  30. Natasha Toli