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Exhibition of May 2018

Alexander Krylov


17.04.2018 - 19.05.2018

To the exhibition "SPRING"

     Alexander Krylov - a Saint-Petersburg artist who has long and permanently settled in a niche of a respectable interior painting style. His virtuosic subject painting, in which the thing plays the role of a participant and partner in the everyday life of a tenant at home, an apartment, a good restaurant, or a relaxed summer resident, is so much "on the soul" that you perceive it as an integral part of the nature of the owner of the space. And you enter with it into the atmosphere of his life “like a knife through butter".

     Alexander Krylov paints in his pictures ordinary household items, without which we do not represent our life and from which our life develops, and which constitute our philistine happiness. We all deny it, but secretly we dream about it, calm, measured, merchantly hospitable and stable. And about a glass accompanied by herring, and about a hike in the country forest for mushrooms, and about a basin of apples from your own garden, and a lush flower garden under the windows. And we dream with a fishing rod to sit in front of the lake at one o'clock in the morning, and after a fish soup in the morning we dream of eating hot eggs just from  a frying-pan with scale of hangover vodka, open a window with a lace curtain and enjoy the chirping of birds. Therefore, in the pictures by Krylov swim dreams of the fishermen of the most desired fish breeds and prepare for trills all kinds of birds.

     In general, the artist paints all our everyday things, than we live every day. His joyful bright still lives and bird and fish portraits remind of everyday and simple happiness, which is called LIFE.

     Alexander not only on the walls creates the joy of being, he includes in the interior space also furniture, as a work of his art. This is he the first in Russia invented the author's painting on interior items. He found an old unnecessary furniture trash, lovingly laundered it, peeled it off, covered with gold and silver, and decorated with delicious watermelons, ripe ruddy apples, exquisite flowers and berries. And all this looked rich, bright and comfortable. The house with painted furniture "from Krylov" always laughs and beckons with its blossoming "in plenty".

     Alexander Krylov is a fashionable artist, who, in great demand, is enticed to "play" in the interior as an entertainer and an inventor. And this is true, because, despite our spirituality, dreams of a high, we are all ordinary inhabitants who want our house to be the personification of ordinary human happiness, where you rise in the morning from the realization that you live in a beautiful and cozy world that is glad to you, and you to it.

And cozy smells of coffee, and under the bed are waiting for you soft and native slippers...

Elena Karabutova, art dealer, art critic and friend of the artist.