Интернет-журнал "Новости искусства в Санкт-Петербурге"

Exhibition of June 2018

«Dotted line»

22.05.2018 - 30.05.2018

Paris Gallery - "I-Gallery", from 22 to 30 May 2018, presents in the gallery "SPAS" an exhibition of the works of ten French artists.

Jacques Nestle - A friend and pupil of Picasso. The stylistics of Nestle's works finally developed in the 30-40 years of the twentieth century. Juicy, dense lines are equally good in sensual female images and in abstract compositions. The works of J. Nestle are almost all in private collections. They are rarely can be seen at exhibitions. The gallery is grateful to Madame Daniel Moss for the works of Jacques Nestlé from different periods of creativity given from her personal collection.

IDKA -  pseudonym of the oldest modern French artist Ida Cohen. She came to art in 40-50 years and since then remains a recognized leader, continuing the tradition of the classical French school of impressionism. Bright colors, wide strokes, bold combination of figurative and abstraction - typical for the artist's work.

Abraham Hadad - the leading French painter. The creator of his own school. He started painting in the 50's, when in the French art, almost completely reigned abstractionism. The artist was able to find his niche in creativity. Created his hero and the world around him. The character of Hadad is easy to recognize by the wide-open sight of the round eyes. But in every picture of Hadad there are quotations referring the audience to the French school of abstract art.

Jean-Noël L'Harmeroult - artist, photographer, belonging to the middle generation of modern French authors. His style of creativity was formed in the 70-80s - the twentieth century. He unites photography, painting, sculpture in the uniform polyptyches. The artist worked with the largest fashion magazines in France, - Elle, Depeche-Mode, Marie-Claire, Femme, Harper's Bazar - his works were their business cards.

Daniel Convenant - master, consistently developing his theme in art - the maximum expression of the author's inner personal world in each work. Expression of paintings is based on the musical rhythm of black tones.

Véronique Pagès - artist, formed in the 80-90 years. Her works are based on color and compositional dissonance, which gives drama and plot depth to her canvases.

Emma Henriot - the artist is distinguished by unexpected plot and color solutions. Her works are always dynamic and expressive.

Nelly Schwartz - an artist who is close to the traditions of Suprematism. Her art work characterizes the constant search, the equilibrium of form and material.

Natalia Dupont Dutilloy - an artist working at the junction of a figurative and abstract style, preserving in the manner the tradition of classical impressionism.

Hervé Ingrand and Pernelle Duvillet — representatives of a young generation of French artists. Their work belongs to the 21st century and shapes the future of French art.

Constant search for forms and formats, bold plot solutions, magnificent drawing and a stroke become the basis for the continuation of the traditions of French art.

I-Gallery Intelligence brings gratitude to the Russian organizations participating in the preparation of the exhibition - the S.P.A.S. gallery, personally to Natalia and Sergey Tyurins, the President of the Charitable Foundation S.P.A.S. - Lev Solov'yev, the Vita Nova Publishing House - Alexey Zakharenkov and Natalia Delgado, the management of the congress and exhibition fund North Palmira - I. A. Usenko, the management of the publishing house "School of Geniuses" - Elena Bakhtina.