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Exhibition of July 2018

Collected exhibition from the gallery collection

«The light of extinct stars»

01.06.2018 - 29.09.2018

The light of extinct stars

The S.P.A.S. Gallery - one of the oldest in Saint- Petersburg, and for the years that it exists, many of its permanent authors have already left this world, they went, in Esenin's words, "To repose in peace and quite." The work of the artist, creativity, carries a special magic - the person's life has ended, but the imprint of one’s personality remains alive - the view of the world,  creative search, inspiration, dreams and meditation. With us there are pictures that can support in a difficult moment, give joy, meet with the beautiful, make you think about something.

In August the gallery will host an exhibition dedicated to the work of artists whose works already belong to the history: Baturin A., Shraga V., Malkov V., Bogomolov G., Gavrilchik V., Nikolyuk O., Bobylev A., Kaydalova O., Rysyev O., Suvorov V., Vasilyev V., Everling N. All of them are wonderful, bright masters, with their own face, worthy of special mention.