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Victor Norkin
(Art-name - VAN)

From 26 February to 29 March 2008


  1. Night is hanging over me. 2007. C., oil. 11380
  2. That autumn forest. 2007. C., oil. 11380
  3. It had fallen upon the poor head: 2007. C., oil. 11380
  4. Low flying clouds. 2007. C., oil. 11380
  5. More and more frequently I meet the thresholds. 2007. C., oil. 11380
  6. There are plenty of riddles around and stranger's eyes. 2007. C., oil. 270140
  7. I was swimming. 2007. C., oil. 270140
  8. Visit. 2007. C., oil. 270140
  9. I was speaking with myself. 2005. C., oil. 6070
  10. The month has passed. 2007. C., oil. 6070
  11. Under star. 2002. C., oil. 7070
  12. Vasily. 2000. C., oil. 7070
  13. Sadness. 2001. C., oil. 7070
  14. What for to upset yourself. 2007. C., oil. 11380
  15. The sky under me. 2008. C., oil. 11380
  16. Such a night over us now: 2008. C., oil. 11380
  17. Red rude mountain. 2008. C., oil. 11380
  18. Through the closed eyes: 2008. C., oil. 11380
  19. Walking. 2008. C., oil. 11380
  20. On the tip of nose. 2008. C., oil. 11380Rome insomnia. 2007. C., oil. 130130

I don't see the necessity to describe the pictures by words, they tell themselves, reflecting the dreams, thoughts and very frequently real events. In this they resemble diary's recordings. I am writer of an image, of endless tale, since there are not the separate pictures - all of them united by common idea and one hero. For me an image plus text - best way to express myself. And in this narration everything is important, even the details: I just go along a street, touch the leaves by hands, breath in smell of plants and wet soil, feel crunch of snow under my feet, or, stepping in the pool, note splashing water and disappearing of reflection, and think: "Eh!!!" And bears the picture under this name "Eh!!!", and I invent, how to paint crunch of snow or smell of leaves, try to convey it more preciously. But myself I cannot depict realistically, since there is not confidence in my existence: closed eyes, contours of face and hands, something like subtle cover, which can be melted due to rain drops, flied away with gust of wind, disappear at any instant. I was not; then I was born, after that I will disappear again: Human life is very conventional, and the creativity - on the whole is mystery. Sometimes people would like to know the meaning of definite picture, and addressed to me with questions and sometimes there is not answer on them. Then, to avoid explanation, I start write texts just on the canvases. But I didn't decide the problem: now I have to explain the meaning of text, and the questions become more. But like at previous times there are not questions. All these words are about me, favorite. But if put the task to answer on all the questions, then you must give up the painting and engaged only in this - painting of pictures is ceasing. What for these, if it is possible to say everything? But you can keep silence about many things, and silence sometimes is more telltale than my words

VAN (Victor Norkin)

VAN (Victor Norkin)

1964 - was born in town of Penza, Russia
Finished Children Art School #1
1984 - graduated from Theatrical Department of Penza Art College
Around of year he worked as artist of scene in Regional Drama Theater
Painter, teacher in the Children Art School #1
2001 - member of Artists Art Union of Russia and International Federation of Artists



  • 1987 children-youth library of Penza, Russia
  • 1990 , Gallery on Novo-Posadskaya Street, town of Penza, Russia
  • 1994 , exhibition hall of town of Sergiev Posad, Russia
  • 1996 , Gallery on Novo-Posadskaya Street, town of Penza, Russia
  • 2001 Gallery, town of Tolyatty, Russia
  • 2001 Museum-salon of classic culture, town of Zarechny, Penza Region


  • 1991 - publication in Moscow collection of young writers "Cross-crosswise": illustration for tale by Ruslan Marsovich "Gryphon" and so on.
  • 1994 - publication in magazine "Sura", town of Penza: illustration, cover