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Интернет-журнал "Новости искусства в Санкт-Петербурге"

From 17 of June till 1 of September 2009 will take place "A Sunny Palette" - an exhibition of paintings by artists from Saint-Petersburg as well as from other cities in Russia and abroad. The expectation of miracle at any moment and the joy in the discovery of the beauty around us are what unite the sunny palette of all these quite different artists, and convey to the viewer a good mood that will last for a long time. Will be represented artists: Abramova Irina, Alfyerova Elena, Astreyn Larisa, Belle Sasha, Bo Vadim, Bobylev Alexey, Borkov Alexander, Gavrichkov Mikhail, Gerasimov Alexander, Gorskaya Yuliya, Dushechkina Olga, Edomsky Mikhail, Zubkov Gennady, Ivanov Mikhail, Krugovov Vadim, Laushkin Sergey, Lukka Valery, Medvedev Yuriy, Menus Alexander, Mikhaylov Vyacheslav, Muravyeva Irina, Norkin Victor, Reznichenko Nikolay, Roon Irina, Roon Lyudmila, Rysyev Oleg, Sijbers Harrie, Smirnov Andrey, Frontinsky Oleg, Shraga Vyacheslav, Ewerling Nadezhda.