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Roon Lyudmila and Roon Irina first submit their pictures to the verdict of the spectators in the "SPAS" Gallery. However this is not debut, the artists have yet their exhibit and creative history.

There are presented two exhibition of full value; the pictures are very different, but they united with search of own personal and philosophical conception.

«The White, Red, Black»
20 October - 14 November 2009

Lyudmila Roon


Irina Roon


Lyudmila Roon

Lyudmila Roon was born in 1953 year. In 1977 she graduated from Odessa State Art College named after M.B. Grekov. She took participation in different exhibitions (Her personal exhibitions took place in Odessa in the galleries (1992), (1995), (2001); in Saint-Petersburg - at gallery <20, Nevsky> (2003).

Painting for the artist - is search of possibilities to express own philosophical conceptions.

Each work is a story about inner events of soul life. It means participation in it of images and events, existing into imagination and memory, and independent on the time. (And a memory is independent on this time, which we depend on ourselves, which constantly and implacably moves and changes us each spent minute.) That's why in the works of artist the time depends on life of soul, inseparably from it.

Irina Roon

Irina Roon was born in 1979 year. In 1999 graduated from Odessa State Art College named after artist Grekov. She participated in different exhibitions. Her first solo exhibition took place in of Odessa, Ukraine. In 2003 - solo exhibition in Saint-Petersburg, in "20, Nevsky" Gallery. Creative task of artist is the striving for achievement by minimal means of maximal expressiveness, to try to express, first of all, a mood, hidden in asceticism of color and form.

That's why her painting "sounds" too quietly and requires from spectator himself to step towards.

In all of artist's work presents mystical concealed meaning, as reflection of her world-outlook - what everything around us and inside us fulfilled with mystic and it is important to feel that this mystic is positive.