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Интернет-журнал "Новости искусства в Санкт-Петербурге"

It is possible admire of pictures by very famous Petersburg artists Alexey Kiryanov and Armen Gasparyan in the "S.P.A.S." gallery.

The artists are in great demand and to see their pictures at exhibition is a good luck.

«Золотая клетка души»
17 November - 12 December 2009

Alexey Kiryanov


Armen Gasparyan


Alexey Kiryanov

Heroes of Kiryanov - mostly are those fools, actors, who kept under their fool's cap strange and bitter wisdom. As a matter of fact he paints the same hero, which carrying from these circumstances (and sometimes from these times) to other ones, and transforms himself together with them. But he is always single in changing world, and receives its vanity and fuss with sad and all-forgiving irony.

The artist with subtle persistence models a form, his brush posses non-crying refinement and undoubting mastery. Personages of Kiryanov exist in nice but cold, almost dead world, and note of irreparable solitude - lot of every wise man - sounds in every picture. Sadness of cognition is the constant refrain of Kiryanov's canvases.

There is hidden paradox - material world in his excellent still lives, in laconic fragments of city landscape seems even if frozen, but alive, but figures of men and animals are deliberately stopped.

Undoubtedly, the knowledge by which he endows his heroes with (and which he shares with them) adds the significance to his pictures, and nobility of coloring helps to overcome the sadness, dissolving it in color harmony.

Mikhail German,
Professor, Doctor of Art History,
Academician of The Academy of Humanitarian Sciences,
Member of The International Association of Art Critics (AICA),
The Senior Staff Scientist of The State Russian Museum

1955 - was born in Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg) 
Graduated from High Art-Industrial College named after Vera Mukhina, Saint-Petersburg
Lives and works in Saint-Petersburg
Member of International Federation of Artists (IFA)
Member of Pastel Society of Saint-Petersburg
He is participant more than 120 exhibitions in Russia and abroad.


His works are kept in private collections in USA, Russia, Germany, Japan, Belgium, Italy, Norway, China, Cyprus, France, England and Australia.


1991 «47» Gallery, London, Great Britain
1992 «Wonderful variety», «Palette» Gallery, Saint-Petersburg
1994 «Objects and people», Central Artist's House, Krymsky Val, Moscow
1994 «Palette» Gallery, Saint-Petersburg


  • 2006 IV Petersburg Festival of Galleries, Central Exhibition Hall «Manege», Saint-Petersburg
  • 2006 5th Art-Fair, Best Art Galleries, Moscow
  • 2006 ARTINDEX, Photographers 2006, Central Exhibition Hall «Manege», Saint-Petersburg
  • 2006 «Soul's Mirror», Art-cafe «Gallery»
  • 2006 «Petersburg-2006». Central Exhibition Hall «Manege», Saint-Petersburg
  • 2006 «Tradition and Contemporaneity», First Moscow International Festival of Arts, Central Exhibition Hall «Manege», Moscow
  • 2007 VIII International exhibition «Dialogues»,  Central Exhibition Hall «Manege», Saint-Petersburg
  • 2008 ««All Petersburg», Central Exhibition Hall «Manege», Saint-Petersburg
  • 2008 ART-DEKO 2008, Exhibition Hall New Manege, Moscow
  • 2008 ХУДГРАФ 2008, Exhibition Hall New Manege, Moscow
  • 2008 ARTINDEX, Photograph of Year 2007, Saint-Petersburg
  • 2008 Project «Shops of the World»,  Bolotnaya square, Moscow
  • 2008 Art-Petersburg, Central Exhibition Hall «Manege», Saint-Petersburg
  • 2008 Artisaniya, Exhibition Hall New Manege, Moscow

Armen Gasparyan

Armen Gasparyan's paintings are in a special universe of their own. In this universe ancient myths cast a solemn and menacing view of contemporary imagery and fate.

The motifs of antique legends and phantoms of art of the past are revived in his paintings, spilling out disconnectedly and festively in contemporary rhythms.

His characters, burdened with contemporary intellectual complexity, are continuous plastic and colorful, recalling a distant past which has lived on in the memory for generations.

The complicated reflection of antiquity is reminiscent of Venetian motifs and even of Picasso's art. It coalesces naturally under the artist's brush into complete rather individual images.

Crimson and scarlet spots, blinking like frozen lava, deaf pauses of black, the triumphal glitter of old gold in combination with the strange sorrow of the faces, with the «echo» of ancient art and myths impart to Gasparyan's paintings a severity and greatness, retaining a strange theatrical festivity, hope that grief will prove illusory and the eternal celebration of optimism, which is granted by the art. Just like sorrow and anxiety, which are realized in beautiful combinations of colors, exact rhythms, in the confluences of the idea and beauty always return the entire joy to the viewer.

Mikhail German,
Professor, Doctor of Art History,
Academician of The Academy of Humanitarian Sciences,
Member of The International Association of Art Critics (AICA),
The Senior Staff Scientist of The State Russian Museum

Armen Gasparyan was born in 1966 in Kapane (Southern Armenia).
Since 1984 he lives and works in Saint-Petersburg
From 1988 till 1993 he was a student at Saint-Petersburg Herzen State University at the Faculty of Fine Arts.

Armen Gasparyyan is an artist whose name is well known among experts and specialists of art.

He has found his own artistic language by combining traditions of classical art and the search of a new plastic forms.


Gasparyan's works are in private collections in Germany, Holland, Finland, Italy, USA, Russia and other countries.


1992 gallery «Paradise», Saint-Petersburg
1993 gallery «Krunk», Saint-Petersburg
1994 gallery «Guild of Masters», Saint-Petersburg
1995 gallery «Arch», Haarlem, Holland
1996 gallery «77», Hamburg, Germany
1998 gallery «Integrata», Hamburg, Germany
2000 gallery «Dune», Domburg, Holland
2001 gallery «Paradise Harbor», Amsterdam, Holland
2003 gallery «Guild of Masters», Saint-Petersburg
2004 gallery «Artefiz», Zurich, Switzerland
2005 gallery «Dune», Domburg, Holland
2006 gallery «Straus», Amsterdam, Holland
2007 gallery «Pieter and Paul», Dendermonde, Belgium
2007 gallery «St Remy», Liege, Belgium
2007 gallery «Zerkalo», Moscow


1997 An exhibition of Petersburg artists, Cologne, Germany
1998 An Exhibition in Town Hall, Hamburg, Germany
1999-2006 Annual Art-festival «Kunst-Schouw», Zeiland, Holland
2004-2006 Annual art-festival in Libramont «Libr-art», Belgium
2003 An exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden
2003-2005 Annual art-festival «Schilersweek», Domburg, Holland
2007 gallery «Davico», Turin, Italy
2007 gallery «Centro d'Arte di Pettina», Caluso, Italy
2007 gallery «Marc Faugeras», Villefranche-sur-Mer, France