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Nadezhda Everling

From 15 February to 15 March 2010



"S.P.A.S." Gallery on 17th of February opens exhibition of talented Saint-Petersburg artist Nadezhda Everling. Everling known as theatrical artist and also as master of keen grotesque collages of cloth, but for this time "S.P.A.S." presents her painting only. Name of exhibition is "Habitat".

The theme of this is picture of bedroom community life in metropolis.

Observing and ironical sight of artist focuses on fragments of usual pictures amidst of everyday's life stream, which we don't note at all habitually and those are our life build of. This is city of the bus stops and brightly lightened stalls, city of yardmen, advertisers in costumes of pizza and of inhabitants, who hurry up somewhere, city of supermarkets and Lenin's monuments, which still here. «This is attempt of aesthetical perception of these environments, where we live, - comments author herself her works. - Everyday's life and leisure of people living in small flats, the routs they take in their daily lives, points of attraction ant places of concentration - there are pictures of life, which framed of region's borders: there is possible to be born, found a job, gave offspring, aged and dyed; there are possible trips not far than gardening, own small plot of earth - and so pass winter, spring, summer and autumn». Pictures of our life are familiar, fun and hopeless at the same time; but art message of the circle - is not satire at all, but idea purely painting indeed.

Also for those who know creative work of Everling, this exhibition can out to be unexpected. Because apart of keen and ironical sight at life (and also at subject, at color), which also this artist has, here open absolutely other her qualities: subtle color gift and hidden - even secret - lyricism of her painting.

Inna Sklyarevskaya

Nadezhda Everling

Nadezhda Everling was born in 1962 in Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg), in the architects family. She finished Secondary art-school attached to Academy of Arts, then graduated from Art-Staging Department of Saint-Petersburg Academy of theatrical Art named after Nikolay Cherkasov (at that time Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinema), class of G. Sotnikov.

She is author of some tens of spectacles in the theatres of Saint-Petersburg, Tallinn, Novgorod, Saratov, Krasnoyarsk, Murmansk, Chelyabinsk and other cities.
She works in medium of oil painting, acryl, lithography, etching, applique work on cloth.

Her works always unusual, innovated, bright, evoked the storm of emotions and stay at memory for a long time.

Since 2005 has been teaching painting in Academy of theatrical art.
Since 1990 - she has been a member of Artists Union of Russia.
From 1986 to 2009 - she has carried 14 solo exhibitions and participated into more than 100 group exhibitions.


Works by Nadezhda Everling are kept in the private collections of Russia, Germany, Austria, Italy, USA, Norway and in the museum collections of Staraya Ladoga, Tver', Sevastopol' and Moscow.


1992 - «Jam», gallery «Art club», Saint-Petersburg
1994 - «Little booth at fair», «Coffee little house», Summer Garden, Saint-Petersburg
1995 - «Art center of artists union», Saint-Petersburg
1996 - «Self-portrait in interior», town of Staraya Ladoga and town of Volkhovstroy, Leningrad region
1997 - «M.W.» - gallery «Casa Antonia», Saint-Petersburg
1998 - «Gallery of contemporary art», city of Tver', Russia
1998 - Cinema-center «Leningrad», Saint-Petersburg
2001 - «Beauty and Monster», gallery «Art Polygon», Saint-Petersburg
2001 - Cinema «Crystal Palace», Saint-Petersburg
2002 - Art school, town of Kronshtadt, near Saint-Petersburg
2003. - «:from old theatrical reserves», exhibition hall of «Actor's House», Saint-Petersburg
2006 - «Fast food» - Book and Drawing Arts Center, Saint-Petersburg
2008 - «Colors of Nadezhda», «DO-gallery», Saint-Petersburg
2008 - «Fairytales about lost time», Small hall of Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Saint-Petersburg


Since 1986 - has been constant participant of youth, season and annual exhibitions in exhibition hall of Artists union
1995 - grant-aided student of Trustees Fund of Mariinsky theater
1997 - grant-aided student of President
Since 1990 - has been constant participant of exhibition in Central Exhibition Hall Manege - "All Saint-Petersburg", Saint-Petersburg
2008 - her work «Memoires about future» marked with diploma of exhibition "All Saint-Petersburg", Saint-Petersburg
Since 1992 - has been constant participant of exhibitions «Summary of season» in Theatrical Union, Saint-Petersburg
1996, 1997 - International Festival of non-traditional forms of art, Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Saint-Petersburg
Since 1999 - has been constant participant of exhibitions at experimental stage "Art Polygon" (10, Pushkinskaya street) - here were realized row of projects of experimental character, both on territory of art center and in other cities and abroad
2005 - "Collage in Russia, XX century", State Russian Museum, Saint-Petersburg
2009 - art project "Russian Beauty", State Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow; «Red triangle», Saint-Petersburg
2009 - "Stronghold", Peter and Paul Fortress, Saint-Petersburg