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Интернет-журнал "Новости искусства в Санкт-Петербурге"

Victor Norkin

«My shoulder-straps are of snow»
From 17 March to 12 April 2010


The new exhibition of pictures "My shoulder-straps are of snow" continues "old" theme - my illusory existing. Explaining to son, what it is the time, past-present-future, I for hundredth time has penetrated myself with mystery of being: there is NO present! This moment between future and past: Where is it? What is it? How to catch, to fix, to imprint? I am the artist without time, out of time. Minutes, hours and days are drifting before me as dreams, as plots for the pictures, taking its course and without sequence, pushing as children, mixing into kaleidoscope of events. I am dazzled, and stop understood a difference between future and past, but understand only one thing - I paint, less than owe. And I start work eagerly; I drink a pleasure with big gulps, like in the heat of passion, while sun would not rise, while snow would not melt on the shoulders: My "pomposity" is temporary, as temporary rank and distinguishing features: "My shoulder-straps are of snow", and I myself also:


(Art-name - VAN)

1964 - was born in town of Penza, Russia 
Finished Children Art School #1
1984 - graduated from Theatrical Department of Penza Art College
Around o year he worked as artist of scene in Regional Drama Theater
Painter, teacher in the Children Art School #1
2001 - member of Artists Art Union of Russia and International Federation of Artists


1987 children-youth library of Penza, Russia
1990 «Dance under moon», Gallery on Novo-Posadskaya Street, town of Penza, Russia
1994 «Without reasons:», exhibition hall of town of Sergiev Posad, Russia
1996 «Or I looked through the window for a long time»,  Gallery on Novo-Posadskaya Street, town of Penza, Russia
2001 «Meander» Gallery, town of Tolyatty, Russia
2001 Museum-salon of classic culture, town of Zarechny, Penza Region
2008 "There are plenty of riddles around and stranger's eyes", "S.P.A.S." Gallery, Saint-Petersburg


1991  - publication in Moscow collection of young writers "Cross-crosswise" illustration for tale by Ruslan Marsovich "Gryphon" and so on.
1994  - publication in magazine "Sura", town of Penza: illustration, cover

My pictures - are some events, which took place with me, or impressions. For example, a snow is fallen - it is crunches under steps, and I wonder, how to paint it - as crunching. Actually, I paint about myself. Since I know myself better then others. Seldom, but sometimes things, which I paint, come true.

Victor Norki