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Malkov Vladimir

«I Live in Two Worlds»

14 april - 14 may 2010


There are landscapes with rickety fences of Berngardovka. There are still lives of odds and ends from a garret. And there are Lorrain's steers of breed «Limousine».
That is quite logically. Out-of-way-place in France also is the same.
But there suddenly:

It is opera «Aida»?

It is because soon they are will sing a premiere in Hermitage Theater in my sceneries and dresses. The staging - it is grave of project. There is little money, the firemen didn't allow, the carpenter gets drunk and so on. And I should like «to color» the series of canvases «A Producer for myself».

So - the exhibition named by itself. «I Live in Two Worlds». And it dedicated to French collector of Russian paintings George Boumendil. Due to him many of artists and including gallery «S.P.A.S.» itself, sensed an interest for life in the Big World.

This is well when you know that out of your rickety fence there is the sky of impressionists.

Thank you, dear George - seller of aspirin from Toulouse.

Vladimir Malkov

Malkov Vladimir

1952 was born in province town, in central part of Russia
Graduated from Mukhina Academy of Art and Design, Leningrad, USSR
Graduated from Theater Institute, Leningrad, USSR
Vladimir Malkov teaches the Advertisement's Design, Mukhina Academy of Art and Design and works as reporter and programs author, St. Petersburg Television, Edition of Cultural Programs.


1993 Art Center, Toulouse, France
1995 Private Gallery, Apeldorn, Holland
1996 Private Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 «Ovadia» Gallery, Nancy, France
2001 «They lived with granny or Saw's Birthday», «S.P.A.S» Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
2004, 2009 Culture Center, Bourbon-les-Bains, France
2005, 2007, 2008 Gallery of Society Saint-Laurent, Chatillon, France
2006, 2009 «Regional artists salon», municipality of town of Bains-les-Bains, France
2006 Cultural Center, Epinal, France
2007 «A Picture of the Year», Bourbon, France - Grand-prix
2008 Bank Snvb, Epinal, France
2008 Gallery of La Rocher Glass Factory, France
2009 «Kvartirnik», gallery of Lillian Mkrtchyan, Paris, France
2004 «Timur's Team», «S.P.A.S» Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia. With Y. Golant and M. Baturina
2005 «Three of Russians», Culture Center, Bourbon-les-Bains, France

Vladimir Malkov participated in more than 80 art exhibitions in Russia and abroad.


1990 Anna Christie by Eugene O'Neal
1990 Birth of Christ awarded with Honored Diploma, Lion, France.
1993 Christmas awarded with «The Best Play in Europe, 1993» Prize, Marseilles, France
1998 Laureate of Golden Pen Journalist Prize, for the series of programs devoted to culture of province.
2007 Frances Hodgson Burnett, «The Secret Garden», Entreprise of children's art museum, Saint- Petersburg. The play was not staged.
2009 Alexander Pushkin, «The Mermaid». Incomplete dramatic poem. Entreprise Rosatom, Saint-Petersburg
2010 Giuseppe Verdi, «ida», Entreprise Rosatom, Saint-Petersburg

Laureate of International Festival of Children Plays.