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Интернет-журнал "Новости искусства в Санкт-Петербурге"

Yuliya Gorskaya and
Oleg Frontinsky


15 March – 03 April2011



"Dialogues" – it is an exhibition of Yuliya Gorskaya and Oleg Frontinsky.

The exhibition features painting bouquets by Yuliya Gorskaya and numerous images of women by Oleg Frontinsky which are almost unknown to the viewer.

The authors have a constant mutual influence. Impeccable sense of color of Yuliya Gorskaya enriched constructivism of Oleg Frontinsky.

After graduating from the Architectural Faculty of the Leningrad Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Ilya Repin, the authors have devoted many years to this profession, but the dream of painting them would not leave. Recent years, they give all his time to painting and exhibition work.

If Yuliya Gorskaya became the "muse" of Oleg Frontinsky he became her mentor and inspiration.

At a joint exhibition features bouquets of different years by Yuliya Gorskaya, but it's not just flowers, but following the great tradition of "Bouquet" (by the remark of artist Iya Kirillova), expressed by today sight and language.

Oleg Frontinsky - urban landscapist - this time to familiarize the viewer with images of women in portraits – this is a generalized type of contemporary, most often observed in nature - in the subway, on the bus.

Sometimes the reason for the portrait becomes piece of toilet, attracted the author's attention - hat, earrings or necklaces.

In portraits of two persons takes place a dialogue of the two participants at different emotional level. Sometimes this is expressed in the title of the work: "Leave me alone," "I do not like this," “Do not get excited".  The author doesn’t avoid to psychology and some edification, not forgetting the decorative and plastic qualities of the works.

The exhibition includes and "Nu" by Oleg Frontinsky filled with sincere admiration for the beauty of the female body.

Most of the work done on the basis of numerous sketches of living nature in drawing classes at the Art Academy, in the House of Folk Arts, at beaches and swimming pools.

Both artists – are realists with romantic overtones, and life-affirming attitude. In their work shows a plastic nose and sense of rhythm, typical for architects.

Beauty (observed) – is the main source of inspiration!

Oleg Frontinsky


1938 - was born in Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg)
1950 - 1956 – painting lessons in Studio of Fine Arts of Pioneers Palace under guidance of famous teacher S.D. Levin.
1956 - 1961 – Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I.E. Repin – Department of Architecture.
1962 - 1986 - Design work in LenNIIProekt, LenZNIIEP.
Since 1967 he has been a Member of Architects Union of USSR.
Since 1970 he had been studied in engraving studio of Academy of Arts. Acquaintance and friendship with artists of Arefyev’s group due to unity of art’ perceiving.
1973 - awarded by the Council of Ministers of the experimental apartment house.
From 1985 - participated in many exhibitions TEI (Association of Experimental Art), and rapprochement with the group "Mit’ki" for which he became an honorary "dad."

Since 2000 he has been a Member of Artists Union of Russian Federation.
Wonderful teacher, S.D. Levin implanted in to his disciples will to creativity and the ability to monitor the surrounding beauty. He did not impose creative dogma, leaving the students free choice.

Blockade childhood accustomed Oleg Frontinsky to appreciate a small benefit, so he avoids the big picture, but appreciates a great feeling, without which there is no creativity.

Fine, subject genres begin with the theme of the plot. Painting uses plenty of the means of expression, which are inexhaustible and constantly updated, like chess combinations within the permanent rules.

That's artistic credo:
The twentieth century was tired of isms
of manifestos, cataclysms,
from the prophets and the bandits
who look important and angry.
Then the sun in the sky, the moon -
simply draw out the window ...
As in every drop of life
the entire universe is buried,
and it pleases me in the morning,
and on the slope of the day,
I wanted to sing since the cradle,
even though my voice is dull and thin.
Yes, I have my faith
and singing will not mime,
I will sing riding on the mast -
Look, listen and weep ...


State Russian Museum, Saint-Petersburg
“Tsarskoselskaya Collectsiya” Museum, town of Pushkin, Leningrad region
Museum of city's history, Saint-Petersburg
The Vatican Museum
Museum of new painting, Moscow
Picture Gallery, Astrakhan’, Russia
Picture Gallery, Murmansk, Russia
Sergey Yesenin Museum, village of Konstantinovo, Russia
City Sculpture Museum, Saint-Petersburg
Museum of history of the city, Saint-Petersburg
Foundation "Saint-Petersburg Gallery"
Private collections in Russia, France, Germany, USA


1990 - State Museum of City Sculpture
2009 - The Museum of Nonconformist Art at Pushkinskaya 10
2008 – «Исчезающий Петербург», Санкт-Петербургский центр книги и графики (совместно  c О. Фронтинским)
2010 - «К 20-летию СПбТСХ», «Санкт-Петро-Ленин-бург»,  IFA, СПб


She was born in 1939 in Leningrad (Saint-Petersburg).
1946 - 1956 – painting lessons: Pioneers Palace – under guidance of artist M.A. Gorokhova, under guidance of artist M.B. Podvigina-Zhukovskaya – pupil of artist A.A.Rylov; Secondary Art School attached to Academy of Arts in Saint-Petersburg, extern (Leningrad)
1957 - 1963 - Academy of Arts in SPb (Leningrad), Architect Department.
Since 1963 has been engaged in painting constantly.

Worked in KZHOI (Combine pictorial decoration of art) attached to the Union of Artists of the RSFSR for interior decoration of public buildings. Made friends with the artists A. Arefyev group, with G. Ustyugov and O. Grigoryev, friends of her husband, Oleg Frontinsky, who had a strong influence on her creativity.

Since 2000 consists in rating of contemporary artists PUA (Professional Union of Artists).

2009 - joined the Creative Union of Russian Artists.

The main theme of work - still lives with flowers, landscapes, inspired by life experiences


Museum “Tsarskoselskaya collectsiya”, town of Pushkin, Leningrad region
Many of works by Gorskaya are kept in private collections of Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Finland and France.


2010 "Flowers, little flowers», GeserGallery, St. Petersburg


1992 - «People, the city and flowers" with O. Frontinsky and V. Yashke, The museum of Velemir Khlebnikov, Astrakhan, Russia 
199б, 1998 - «People, the city and flowers" with O. Frontinsky, The Museum of City Sculpture, Saint-Petersburg
1999 - "Holocaust", Central Exhibition Hall Manege, St.-Petersburg
1999 - "Erotica", Autumn Exhibition at the Artists' Union of St. Petersburg
1999-2011 “One painting”, Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Saint-Petersburg 
2000 - "Masters of pastels of St. Petersburg", The State Russian Museum, SPb
2000 - "Spring on the street long ago", Museum of City Sculpture, St. Petersburg
2001 - "People, the city and flowers-2" with O. Frontinsky, Architects Union, SPb
2002 - "St. Petersburg's pastel”, Autumn Exhibition at the Artists' Union of SPb
2003 - "St. Petersburg's pastel”, Biennale 1, St. Petersburg Union of Artists
2005 - "On the Neva" with O. Frontinsky, The Museum of the University of Plant Polymers, Saint-Petersburg
2007 - «Request Stop" with Mit’ki group in itinerary exhibitions in the cities of Russia (with Oleg Frontinsky)
2007-2011 annual exhibition in the Central Exhibition Hall Manege, SPb
2008 - «Disappearing Saint-Petersburg», SPb Center of Book and Drawing
2010 - "By the twentieth anniversary of St. Petersburg Artists Union, "Saint-Peter-Lenin-burg», IFA, St. Petersburg