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Интернет-журнал "Новости искусства в Санкт-Петербурге"

Alexander Borkov


04 – 27 April 2011




We are rapidly getting used to for a long time take a strong liking to the terms. Had only to be visible postmodernism, and now that decade, everyone’s talking about discourses and simulacra. Language - the pedestal, which are approved by our version of the structure of the universe. And there's nothing scarier term, down from the pedestal and marching in real life. But "Nudosphere" - not the term, but only the name of artist Alexander Borkov’s exhibition. Borkov for the most part is author of wonderful landscapes, but the scope of his interests as an artist is not limited to landscapes. Nude - a genre in which bare not only the model (although it too, of course), but the artist himself. It becomes immediately clear if the author only "works mechanically," demonstrates academic ability to draw or a set of techniques. It is in the nude (maybe even a still life) easier to distinguish the ordinary exercise from real art. The artist is literally nothing to hide behind: it is convex, spherically emerges in the depicted figures. If an artist is cold or talentless, the nude will remain planar realization of his skills, and if talented and warm, they form a sphere in which he placed the whole world. Actually, the second case - a case of artist Alexander Borkov.

Alexander Borkov

Alexander was born in 1961 in Novaya Ladoga.
In 1987 he graduated from the department of graphic art of St. Petersburg teaching college.
Since 1987 he has been a permanent participant in major annual exhibitions in St. Petersburg and Moscow.
Member of the Artist’s Union of Russia


The State Museum of Urban Sculpture of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg
The Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", St. Petersburg, Russia


1991 Summer Garden, Leningrad, USSR
1995 Thompson House, Montreal, Canada
1998 S.P.A.S. Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
1999 S.P.A.S. Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
1999 the Museum of History.  Novaya Ladoga, Russia
2000 Private Gallery, Frankfurt Main, Germany
2001 S.P.A.S. Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
2002 S.P.A.S. Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
2002 Hilton Hotel, Frankfurt Main, Germany 
2003 S.P.A.S. Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
2007 "City", painting. Gallery “Matisse-club”, St. Petersburg, Russia
2007-2008 Painting. Art School. Siverskaya, near St. Petersburg, Russia
2008 Central Artist’s House, Moscow, Russia
2008  Painting. Center of Contemporary Literature and Book. St. Petersburg, Russia
2008 «Wanderings». Fine arts, salon for artists. St. Petersburg, Russia
2009 «A lofty tribe of trees», S.P.A.S. Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia