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Интернет-журнал "Новости искусства в Санкт-Петербурге"

Viktor Borisov


29 April – 20 May 2011


"Accumulation" - so named Viktor Borisov summarized exposition of his new and recent works. Could not help thinking: why modern artist used a specific concept of academic Latin? Perhaps, then, that we could ask this question - and to start our audience dialogue with the artist.

"Accumulation" of Victor Borisov – is a rethinking of the classical cliché "Collected Works". Exhibition presented for us - it's obviously not "complete works" (which required would be considerable space - if we could gather over the world set various works of Borisov, were painted during a quarter of a century), and in no "Summing up" at all. "Accumulation" - a demonstration of the charged energy and the skill of creative batteries, whose potential has revealed in future works.
Art accumulates life and transforms it into beauty. We feel as beauty is changing the world, and we change ourselves - are changing our views and ways of seeing. The work of an art gallery "S.P.A.S.", and art exhibited by it - this is the salvation of the world by beauty.

Viktor Borisov - St. Petersburg artist, modest St. Petersburg intellectual, (as a St. Petersburg spectator). Intelligent "lining" of the St. Petersburg art and makes it special, of St. Petersburg’s one.

Pictures of Victor Borisov - are windows in an ideal world of art, where shines an ideal Petersburg, populated musicians and dancers, spiritual virgins and mothers, rapid seagulls and proud pigeons, the elite dogs and graceful cats. In this ideal world of Viktor Borisov also everyday reality reflects, "the prose of life" - but it is especially common. In reflection of the media and of itself an incomprehensible reality decomposes into completely absurd ugly shreds, but in reflection by Borisov

life takes on the integrity and harmony.

Avant-garde of the XXI century (in contrast to the analytic avant-garde of the twentieth century) - Is the art of synthesis, on which wrote Wassily Kandinsky: "I'm trying to identify only some directions of the way - an analytical method, remembering synthetic values. » Today there is no sense in destroying the old world "to base". The world must not demolish, but to bring together harmoniously. So how Viktor Borisov it makes.

Vladislav Kuznetsov                                         (It is printed with reductions)


1957 Born in Leningrad
1982 he graduated from Leningrad College of Applied Arts named after Vera Mukhina


The City Sculpture State Museum, St. Petersburg
Konstantin Fedin State Museum, Saratov, Russia
Mordovia Republican Museum of Fine Arts named after Stepan Er’zya
The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
Works are kept in many private collections in Germany, Austria, Canada, Korea, Kuwait, France,
Finland, Russia, Sweden, USA and Turkey.


1991, 1992 Exhibition Hall on Nevsky Prospect, St. Petersburg, Russia
1993 Exhibition in Germany
1995, 1996, 1997 exhibition at the City Sculpture State Museum, St. Petersburg
2000 "City of Women" gallery "National Center"
2001 "Autumn Rhythm", the exhibition center of Moscow region, St. Petersburg
2002 "Angels, stones and a time", City Sculpture State Museum, St. Petersburg
2002 "Stones and Time," Russian-German Center, St. Petersburg
2003 "Post industry", National Center Gallery, St. Petersburg
2005 "Improvisation", the exhibition center of Moscow region, St. Petersburg
2006 "Albino", Russian-German Center, St. Petersburg
2007 "SWING", gallery "Art Alley", St. Petersburg

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