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Интернет-журнал "Новости искусства в Санкт-Петербурге"

From 23 May to 5 June 2011 in the gallery exhibition will be held of journalist, president of the Association of Franco-Russian cultural ties «CHAT NOIR CHIEN ERRANT» Yuliya Kornilova (Russia - France) "Private Collection". Nicolay Plushchenko cleared the exhibition poetically. The exhibition is timed to celebrating of the City Day in St. Petersburg and the 150-year anniversary of color photography.

Julia Kornilova


23 May - 05 June 2011 year


In my new photo-collection, which is called "Private Collection", represents, perhaps, all the main streams of painting. And above all, Impressionism, with its unique light transmitted by thin delicate shades - photo "A Walk". Neither the incomparable color vibration is felt, I think, in photo-works "Lilac Landscape" and "Bouquet with a white rose." And in the work "Haystacks" I see and literally feel thequivering hot air transmitted by quivering iridescent dabs. Present in mycollection also the Japanese miniature, so influenced in its time at theImpressionists, it is photo-work "Old Bridge". Mosaic of point smearsof pointillism acquires energy in work "Green trees", creating the effect of color mass, which seemed born to the eyes of the viewer. The age-old confrontation of aesthetic experiences, so characteristic of expressionists, presented in a series of "Battle". Conflict of shapes and colorscreates a higher affectation and reaches a direct emotional impact, which, apropos, was the main idea of artists Fauvists. Characteristic of surrealism, combining dream and reality is reflected in the photo "Golden Tree".  And even than I am particularly proud of, I was lucky enough to acquire for my collection of Cubo-Futurist work "Ice Knight".  Heavy geometric shapes with chopped facets add to this work firmness, oppressive heaviness. Of course and graphics presented in the collection also. Most subtle, filigree lines create a refined ligature in work "Winter Garden".  As for authors who have created  painting original sources, their great names, I think, known to everyone - this is the elements of Water and Wind, the Sun, the endless variety of Clouds, this is Light and ... unique Petersburg parks, where I scrupulously collected my  "Private collection".

Yuliya Kornilova