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Интернет-журнал "Новости искусства в Санкт-Петербурге"

Elena Alfyerova

«Grandpa's wardrobe,
or Little nothings of life...»


4-29 October 2011 года



... when she just slipped through the sleeve and reached a collar,
she suddenly was lit up a  pleasant light ...

E.T.A. Hoffmann, The nutcracker and the king of mice

Who of us in childhood, climbing to the parent’s wardrobe not imagining ourself in the magical kingdom!? Forgot? Now remember. Thanks to the artist! In order to truly remember the simple reminder is unsufficient – it is need to wake up the imagination to find a special intonation, invent and embody the image of the familiar and new at the same time. Elena Alfyerova succeeded in this. Puppet kingdom comes alive ... but not in the mysterious twilight of the night, and in a clear, bright, fun-filled day. Subjects did not seem like weird sur. It's the same game. You can imagine anything. All for fun, and all real. Symbols of fairy stories are not obsessively enters into the spiritual world of the author, where and nostalgia is alive for rainbow-colorful childhood. However, it seems, our artist has kept it mainly to herselves, that’s why she can so simply and clearly express these feelings. Besides, we see immediately that it was doing a contemporary artist who owns a broad stylistic features from naive to sophisticated aestheticism. Decorative fleur puts some distance between the viewer and her works, it seems that everything you see in a dream, but do not want to wake up ...

Nikolay Blagodatov


1969  born in Chelyabinsk
1988  graduated from Chelyabinsk Art College, artist-decorator diploma
1995 graduated from Saint-Petersburg Academy of Decoratively-Applied Arts and Design named after V. Mukhina (Professors G. Savinov, A. Talashchuk), Diploma as artist-monumentalist
1997 - Member of Artists Union of Russia
1998 – Member of Saint-Petersburg Aquarellists Society
1992 – Monthly grant from Society of Young Artists Support, Germany
1993 – «Picture from Exhibition» by Mussorgsky, International competition. Austria. 1 place
1994 - International Student Seminar dedicated Enamel (Russia, Germany, and France)


Benois Family Museum, Petergof, Russia
Artists Union of Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Private collections in Russia, Austria, America, Denmark and Finland


1996 - Dostoyevsky Museum, St. Petersburg
1998 - Jonsu, Finland
2001, 2005 - De Herkenning” Gallery, the Netherlands
2001 - “Raissa” Gallery, Erturt, Germany
2004 - Jam Hall Gallery, St. Petersburg
2004 - Russian Cultural Center, Berlin, Germany
2005, 2007, 2009 - “Draughtsman contract” Gallery, St. Petersburg
2006 – «Old photos», S.P.A.S. gallery, Saint-Petersburg
2006 – Gallery “Sеeenwijk”, The Netherlands
2010 - “Gardener’s trap”, “Draughtsman contract” Gallery, St. Petersburg


1993 -  First Vienna Open Air Gallery. Vienna, Austria
1994, 1999, 2001, 2002, 2006 –“Wall”Group, Artists Union Exhibition Hall, Saint-Petersburg
1995, 2001, 2005 -  Spring Exhibition, Artists Union Exhibition Hall, Saint-Petersburg
1997, 1998, 1999, 2005 - Autumn Exhibition, Artists Union Exhibition Hall, Saint-Petersburg
1997 – Water-color Exhibition of Saint-Petersburg Artists
1997 – National Water-color Museum. Mexico, Mexico
1998 – 65-th Anniversary of Artists Union of Russia. Jubilee exhibition. Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Saint-Petersburg
1998, 1999 – All Saint-Petersburg, Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Saint-Petersburg
1998 – E. Korneva, L. Kudryavtseva, A. Kudryavtsev. Russian Artists Union Exhibition Hall, Chelyabinsk
1998 – Charity exhibition-sale of pictures. Smolny Cathedral, Saint-Petersburg
1998 - Gallery «Square», Saint-Petersburg
1998 – Water-color painters. Coach-house, Yelagin Island, Saint-Petersburg
1999 – «Nude & Infinity», Journalists Union, Saint-Petersburg
1999 -  “Junwex – 99”,  Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Saint-Petersburg
1999 – First Winter exhibition of water-color painters. Journalists Union, Saint-Petersburg
1999 – Art Festival “St. Valentine’s Day”, Artists Union Exhibition Hall, Saint-Petersburg
1999- “Unintentional Sinners”, Exhibition Hall “A&F”, Moscow
2000 - Water-color exhibition of Saint-Petersburg painters, town of Petrozavodsk
2000 – 20 years Anniversary of Chelyabinsk Art College. Jubilee exhibition of artists, graduated from College. Picture gallery, Chelyabinsk
2000 - Gallery “On Bastionnaya Street”, town of Pskov
2002 – Mexico-Russia. Water-color. Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Saint-Petersburg
2002 – All-Russia Young Artists Exhibition. Manege, Moscow
2002 -  Water-colors exhibition. Saint-Petersburg Society of water-color painters, Journalists Union
2003 – All-Russian Exhibition dedicated to 300 years anniversary of Saint-Petersburg. Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Saint-Petersburg
2003 – Saint-Petersburg Society of water-color painters and Russian Museum.
 “300 years of Saint-Petersburg in the mirror of water-color”. Benua Museum, Petergof
2003 - ,, 300 years of Saint-Petersburg in the mirror of water-color”. Artists Union Exhibition Hall, Saint-Petersburg
2004 - “Water-color Area of Water”, International Water-color exhibition, Museum “Saint-Petersburg World of Water”, Saint-Petersburg
2004 – “New Worlds of Italian Classic”, Water-color exhibition, Scientists House, Saint-Petersburg
2004 – Second International Biennial of Drawing Art, Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Saint-Petersburg
2004 - Gallery «J&L Fortak», Berlin, Germany
2005 -  Third International Biennial “Art-Bridge-Water-color”, Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Saint-Petersburg
2005 Exhibition of “S.P.A.S.” Gallery, Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis Museum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2005  Exhibition of  “S.P.A.S.”  Gallery in Turku, Finland                                         
2005 Exhibition of “S.P.A.S.” Gallery in International Information-exhibition center “Info-Space”, Moscow
2006 – “New Year Tree in Jam”, Gallery “Jam Hall”, Saint-Petersburg
2010 “Contemporary romantics”.  Saint-Petersburg”. “S.P.A.S.” Gallery at Open Art Fair, Utrecht, Holland
2010 “From Russia with love”, “Galleria Via Larga di Palazzo Medici Riccardi”, exhibition of “S.P.A.S.” Gallery in Florence, Italy
2010 – “Day of March cat”, State Hermitage, Saint-Petersburg

Alfyerova creates the world of another reality, which passes from microcosm of man to University and admires by beauty, attractive mysteriousness but also alarms. Artist possesses rare sense of color, impulsivity of lines, tubs and very personal attitude to the subject of depiction. Art quality, “manual-made” and poetical sight on the world is distinction of Elena Alfyerova creative work.