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Интернет-журнал "Новости искусства в Санкт-Петербурге"


«Between dream and reality»


20 December 2011 - 18 January 2012


1958 – was born in Saratov region, USSR. After graduating from the Art College Nikolay entered the Nautical College in Kerch, USSR. He was on the military duty in Kiev and then studied art architecture in Krasnodar. From 1982 Nikolay had lived in Kostomuksha, town of Karelia, the northwest region of Russia, where he was involved in construction works. He also taught painting and graphics at the local school. His first exhibition took place in 1986 in Karelia. Its success caused the process of involving his pieces into many other exhibitions. In the same year, Nikolay moved to St. Petersburg. Since 1989 Reznichenko has been a member of the Free Artists Association. His first-hand experience of attributing and restoring icons has influenced on his art to a considerable extent.

Relying on the experience of the Chinese emperors, who advanced original slogans for the period of their reign, Nikolay Reznichenko has proclaimed the principle of minimalism to be the method of his artistic work. But this notion doesn’t explain a lot about his art, for being used to designate the artistic manner, which has been already developed.

Reznichenko’s work begins with creating a multi-colored sketch, which is so adjusted sometimes, that it could become an independent abstract painting. The anecdotal picture begins to exist right there. Hiding under the colored layers, the sketch still reminds of itself, appearing through the splits in paint, just like lava appears through stony layers. Objects and backgrounds quit in the same manner, remaining to be implied in the abstract forms, which have swallowed them up.

Reznichenko’s picture naturally develops in the direction of the growing laconicism. Vanity disappears and peace of mind and concentrated admiration remain. Details vanish and the texture celebrates.


Works of artist are kept in numerous private collections in Russia, Holland, Belgium, Italy, France, Switzerland and Canada and the USA


1997 Nevsky 20 Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
1998 Nevsky 20 Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
1999 Festival «Russian Winter-99», Leipzig, Kemniz, Germany
1999 Nevsky 20 Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
2002 «Luke & A» Gallery, London, UK
2003 «Me and my Fantasies» «S.P.A.S.» Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
2011 - "River Lethe" (with Andrey Chaplya), Rumyantsev Mansion, St. Petersburg
2011 «Babylon» gallery, Samara, Russia


1998 Exhibition of «S.P.A.S.» Gallery, Krefeld, Germany           
1998 Exhibition of «S.P.A.S.» Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
1998 Exhibition of «S.P.A.S.» Gallery, Apeldoorn, Holland       
1999 «Luke & A» Gallery at Lauderdale House, London, UK
1999 Exhibition of «S.P.A.S.» Gallery, De Wijk, Holland
2000 «Luke & A» Gallery & Bloxham Fine Arts, London, UK
2000 «Luke & A» Gallery on Golden Square, Golden Square Post-production Company, Soho, London, UK
2000 «Luke & A» Gallery, Lauderdale House, London, UK
2000 «Luke & A» Gallery, London, UK                                           
2000 Exhibition of «S.P.A.S.» Gallery, De Wijk, Holland
2001 «Luke & A» Gallery, Mayfair, London, UK
2002 «Personalities» - exhibition of «S.P.A.S.» Gallery in Geelvinck Hinlopen Huise Museum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2003 «Ballet. Ballet? Ballet!» Exhibition of «S.P.A.S.» Gallery, DAR gallery, Zurich, Switzerland
2003 exhibition organized by «S.P.A.S.» Gallery, the State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2003 exhibition of «S.P.A.S.» gallery, De Wijk, the Netherlands
2004 exhibition of «S.P.A.S.» gallery, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands
2005 Exhibition S.P.A.S. Gallery, De Wijk, the Netherlands
2005 Exhibition of «S.P.A.S.» Gallery, Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis Museum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2005 exhibition of «S.P.A.S.» Gallery in International Information-exhibition center «Info-Space», Moscow
2010 «Contemporary romantics».  Saint-Petersburg». «S.P.A.S.» Gallery at Open Art Fair, Utrecht, Holland
2010 «From Russia with love», exhibition of «S.P.A.S.» Gallery in Florence, Italy


Alla Lipatova was born in the Urals.

In 1984 she graduated from the Ryazan Art School.

She worked as a graphic designer and professor at the art studio, as the artist has participated in archeological expeditions in the Caucasus and Khakassia. For a long time engaged in the restoration of icons and tempera painting.

Alla remarkably united in her work reality and fantasy, exuberant colors of the south with simple tones of the north. This is master, endowed with a rare ability to see in the ordinary extraordinary.

Based on the experiences of her travels in Armenia, Khakassia, Adygea, and archaeological investigations of ancient cultures, she has created a unique pictorial vocabulary. Her dynamic drawings and exquisite in color canvases have the power of the traditional world.

Her work is deeply symbolic in meaning. In her pictures clear graphics image is combined with the play of colors.

Since 1989 Alla Lipatova lives and works in Saint-Petersburg.


Many of her pictures are already stored in numerous private collections in Russia, Italy, France, Switzerland and Canada.


1992 Gallery "Nevsky 20", Saint-Petersburg
1999 «Luke & A Gallery», London
2000 "Women and Cats», «Luke & A Gallery», London
2010 "Fine vibration things being alive," cafe "Stray Dog", Saint-Petersburg
2011 "Game in classic," Derzhavin Museum, Saint-Petersburg


1992 Apartment Exhibition. 52, Fontanka Embankment., Saint-Petersburg
1993 Gallery "Nevsky 20", Saint-Petersburg
1995 Gallery "Nevsky 20", Saint-Petersburg
1996 Gallery "Eva", Saint-Petersburg
1997 Gallery "Peter’s ravelin", Saint-Petersburg
1997 "Saint-Petersburg-97"
1998 "Saint-Petersburg-98"
1999 "The Art of St. Petersburg", gallery "SPAS", St. Petersburg
1999 "Russian Winter-99", Leipzig, Germany
2000 «Luke & A Gallery», London
2001 "The Art of Saint-Petersburg», «Luke & A Gallery», London
2003 Gallery "Nevsky 20", Saint-Petersburg
2005 Apartment Exhibition memory of Vadik Voronin
2010 Turin, Italy
2011 "Art Manege", gallery "Rostra", Central Exhibition Hall "Manege", Moscow
2011 "Christmas Market", Central House of Artist on Krymsky Val, Moscow