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Valeria Cozina

«Painting - another reality»


March 20 - April 14, 2012

A powerful personality of Valeriya Cozina, wanting to express themselves at once and fully, strikes from the moment of acquaintance with her bright creativity.

In works of Lera we find not the external, familiar for us reality, but different, extraordinary reality - the world of the artist. Created by the artist images of flowers, portraits of women, landscapes of distant countries, or still lives of the fruit and water have been here their separate, but they belonging life and become the embodiment of "art for art's sake", and the properties of their real prototypes - the beauty, symbolism, decor - only become stronger. In any work the viewer, each in its own way, see these images. Pictures by Valeriya make us peer into the picture. Stare for a long time. And even when this gazing is finished, there's always the impression that something is not enough. So we want to come back for them again and again. They help the viewer to see the "other". Valeriya has this always unique, as unique an artistic gesture, which, in turn, is important evidence of the uniqueness of the human person.


1970 Born in 1970 in Podolsk, Russia.
1985 Graduated from the Podolsk Art School, Podolsk, Russia
1989 Graduated from Moscow Art College commemorated to the revolutionary events of 1905 year, Moscow, Russia
Member of Artist’s Creative Union of Russia
Member of International Federation of Artists.

The paintings by Cozina prove that the primary elements of creation such as the line, the form, the colour, the texture, the spot and the rhythm are capable of becoming an analogue of a deep figurative experience. And at the same time they do not require to be construed in some context.

The rhythmic of colour spots and the conditional character of light turns the panel, which seems to be flat, into an unfathomable metaphysical space with the objects that dwell on the verge between appearance and disappearance. Everything is unstable there - each instant takes a particle of being away. Such an inclination for infinity and for the eternal truth demonstrates the monumental principle of the easel painting.


1995 Theodore Bank, Moscow, Russia
1999 «Kunst aus Russland» Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
1999 «Menzel Kunst & Antiquitaten» Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
1999 «Katelbax» Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
2000 Cultural Center of Rolan Bykov, «Paradise» Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2001 «S.P.A.S.» Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia


2002 «S.P.A.S.» Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
2002 «Personalities» - exhibition of «S.P.A.S.» Gallery in Geelvinck Hinlopen Huise Museum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2003 «S.P.A.S.» Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
2004 «S.P.A.S.» Gallery, Apeldoorn, the Netherland
2004 Exhibition of S.P.A.S Gallery, de Wijk, the Netherlands
2005 Exhibition of «S.P.A.S.» Gallery, Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis Museum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2010 «Contemporary romantics». Saint-Petersburg». «S.P.A.S.» Gallery at Open Art Fair, Utrecht, Holland
2010 «From Russia with love», exhibition of «S.P.A.S.» Gallery in Florence, Italy