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Vladimir Malkov and
Oktyabrina Kendenbil

«A mix of Tuva with Nizhny Novgorod»


18 april - 5 may 2012


Oktyabrina Kendenbil


"A mix of Tuva with Nizhny Novgorod"

Oktyabrina Kendenbil - from Tuva. She graduated from the Department of puppets in Leningrad State Theater and Cinema on Mokhovaya Street. Composes nostalgic pictures of native land, where on a tiny place - and the mountains with alpine meadows, Yenisei taiga and barren desert. There they eat healthful milk of yaks (in Tuvan - sarlyks) ride reindeer and camels as well. About the space where they value the famous throat singing - the pictures presented in the gallery "S.P.A.S.".

As usual for the puppeteer, Oktyabrina works in the style of naive art.

Vladimir Malkov - from the Gorky region. He graduated from the textile department of Mukhina Academy in Solyanoy Gorodok. The love of folk, cotton - in the blood. He had grown on loam of Volga. So – he also suffers from nostalgia for the Russian countryside. Having founded himself in Lorraine, he felt in love forever. French loam, as well as ours - here they working from dawn to dusk, but the traditional way of life is different. Festive earth, similar to the Volga, from childhood.

At the same time Oktyabrina and Vladimir - the family duo. In their paintings get along, and happily, East and West, the naive with the professional, something from Tuva and from Nizhny Novgorod and even with the French. Gallery "S.P.A.S." happily opens the painting, mixed with such different cultures.

Vladimir Malkov


1952 was born in province town, in central part of Russia
Graduated from Mukhina Academy of Art and Design, Leningrad, USSR
Graduated from Theater Institute, Leningrad, USSR
Vladimir Malkov taught at the Advertisement’s Design, Mukhina Academy of Art and Design and works as reporter and programs author, St. Petersburg Television, Edition of Cultural Programs.

Vladimir Malkov manages to combine a lot of different activities and passions within the frames of his individuality. Actually, it’s impossible to separate the artist’s passions from his “serious” occupations: one flowing to another. Teacher of painting, theater producer, artist, radio commentator, interesting interlocutor – all these components are form one phenomenon - “Vladimir Malkov.”

Vladimir Malkov pays attention to still-life and landscape genres in the same extent, and also the folk thematic. His paintings are builds on delicate play of colors, making visibility of “gauze” structure and feeling of objects’ “troubling” on canvas space.


1993 Art Center, Toulouse, France
1995 Private Gallery, Apeldorn, Holland
1996 Private Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 “Ovadia” Gallery, Nancy, France
2001 «They lived with granny or Saw’s Birthday», “S.P.A.S” Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
2004, 2009, 2011 Culture Center, Bourbon-les-Bains, France
2005, 2007, 2008 Gallery of Society Saint-Laurent, Châtillon, France
2006, 2009 «Regional artists salon», Bains-les-Bains, France
2006 Cultural Center, Épinal, France
2007 «A Picture of the Year», Bourbon, France – Grand-prix
2008 Bank Snvb, Épinal, France
2008 Gallery of La Rocher Glass Factory, France
2009 «Kvartirnik», gallery of Lillian Mkrtchyan, Paris, France
2004 “Timur’s Team”, “S.P.A.S” Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia. With Y. Golant and M. Baturina
2005 «Three of Russians», Culture Center, Bourbon-les-Bains, France
2010 «I live in two worlds», “S.P.A.S” Gallery, St. Petersburg


1996 Exhibition of “S.P.A.S.” Gallery, Washington, USA; Paris, France; Utrecht, Holland
1997 Exhibition of “S.P.A.S.” Gallery, Oberhousen, Germany
1998 Exhibition of “S.P.A.S.” Gallery, Brussels, Belgium; Apeldorn, Holland
1998, 1999 “Ovadia” Gallery, Nancy, France
1999, 2000 Exhibition of “S.P.A.S.” Gallery, De Wijk, Holland
2003 «Ballet. Ballet? Ballet!» Exhibition of “S.P.A.S.” Gallery, DAR gallery, Zurich, Switzerland
2004 Exhibition of “S.P.A.S.” Gallery, Apeldoorn, Holland
2005 «Three of Russians», Culture Center, Bourbon-les-Bains, France
2010 Exhibition of “S.P.A.S.” Gallery, “Contemporary romantics”. Saint-Petersburg” Open Art Fair, Utrecht, Holland; “From Russia with love”, Florence, Italy
2011 – «Old Russian House», gallery of Lillian Mkrtchyan, Paris, France

Vladimir Malkov participated in more than 80 art exhibitions in Russia and abroad. He is laureate of International Festival of Children Plays.


Anna Christie by Eugene O’Neal
1990 Birth of Christ awarded with Honored Diploma, Lion, France.
1993 Christmas awardedwith “The Best Play in Europe, 1993” Prize, Marseilles, France
1998 Laureate of Golden Pen Journalist Prize, for the series of programs devoted to culture of province.
2007 Frances Hodgson Burnett, «The Secret Garden», Entreprise of children's art museum, Saint- Petersburg. The play was not staged.
2009 Alexander Pushkin, «The Mermaid». Incomplete dramatic poem. Entreprise Rosatom, Saint-Petersburg
2010 Giuseppe Verdi, «ida», Entreprise Rosatom, Saint-Petersburg

Autobiography of Oktyabrina Kendenbil

My grandfather was the head lama of Tuva, he went on foot to study in Tibet. When the Soviets began to burn the churches, the old man and his sons hid precious relics in the cave. Years later, his sons decided to find the treasure. Here is a cave, a stone - and the chest, alas, no!

The old man was living out his life, being a healer and storyteller. Listeners had time to eat more than once, drink and sleep, and the narrator still singing for days and nights. With his words was recorded Tuvan heroic epic, a lot of fairy tales, fables and legends.

My grandfather came to the capital - Kyzyl on the camel with a white baby-camel, which eat without out of mercy our poplars in the yard. To grow, these poplars, watered them every day. We were ashamed of bad manners of guests. A doctor died from a trifle, he went to the sick and cold.

Mother and father also served for a high art. From Moscow, we were visited by an artist in the butterfly and he organized studio, from which originated the theater. Among the Studio members was Dersu known from the film by Kurosawa - Maxim Mundzuk. My mother was a great tragic actress, and father, though can be brilliant comic actor, but dreamed of becoming an artist. But fate had its own way, and he situated at the Leningrad Conservatory, on the composition faculty. Tales of the Sea, The Neva River, canals, houses with columns, which are can not be counted, there was no end. He was also a storyteller! In the summer tour we children fell asleep in the sounds of songs of the father about Leningrad. In the literal sense of the word I grew up backstage, where there were always dusty.

The first time I saw a naked woman, which is not ashamed of the exam. Having copied the guy ahead of me, I was at the Theater Institute at the Faculty of staging, in the studio of Edward Kochergin. But I was excluded son for an absolute inability to drawing and prototyping.

I went back to work backstage dresser in the ballet, the Kirov Theater. Oh, how flew across the stage Baryshnikov! I got into the circle of the great thinkers. Among them were the master of such a cheerful, festive painting Anatoly Zaslavsky, inventor of a spherical world, Anatoly Maslov nicknamed "Sir," grotesque chronicler of stagnation, Albert Rosin, which is now referred Solomon Rossin… The parties were certainly poetic. Court poets were: Valery Vishnya, Lyovushka Eisenstadt (Danovskiy), Vladimir Mishin (Gandelsman). These names have become my universities of St. Petersburg culture.

Alas, the five times I tried unsuccessfully to enter the High College named after Vera Mukhina, and, finally, situated on the Puppet faculty of Theater Institute. Here, one floor below, under the directing department, my "innocence" was evaluated. Master Anna Sant-Aneeva. How happy she was of my Tuvan stories and my main picture - newborn son Yefim! In defending of the diploma my breasts bursting with milk, and breast-feeding mom, did not hesitate to answer the question about the overarching objective, how good triumphs over evil.

After graduating, I worked as property man in Lenkontsert. Among the scenes and backdrops for the October Concert Hall and the Sports and Concert Complex, met, for example, plays for Boris Eifman in the scenery by Marina Azizyan, when kilometers of the curtains from the Syrian brocade were embroidered with kilometers of Czech jewelry.

Now for my work in Lenkontsert they pay retirement, the son grew up and went to the tenth year since I live in Berngardovka. From the garden one can see the river bank of the Lubya with three pine trees and worship the cross. Here, near our beds, was shot dead by Nikolai Stepanovich Gumilev. I learned how to grow all fresh herbs; in one year was a big crop of eggplant. Once grown eggplant, then why not start to paint? Tuva hurry slowly, autobiography continues. Let my family from the unearthly worlds rejoice that I am involved in high art.

April 2012, Berngardovka