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Интернет-журнал "Новости искусства в Санкт-Петербурге"

«In the Avant-garde»


9 October - 9 November 2012

Alexander Baturin


V.V. Sterligov


Gennady Zubkov


Elizaveta Alexandrova


Alexey Gostintsev


Creative work of four artists from "School of Vladimir Sterligov," his oldest and best known, at world level, students - Alexander Baturin, Gennady Zubkov, Elizaveta Alexandrova and Alexey Gostintsev will be presented  with paintings of different years.

The avant-garde painting was born in France - it is represented by such names as Matisse, Marquet, Dufy - and many, many others. Fauvism, cubism, abstraction - forward, away from the boring academic and slavish imitation of nature, away from indulging sugary taste of the crowd – to the bold shapes, bold colors, the creative freedom, to own rules of the game. Yet now the word avant-garde most associated with Cubism and Suprematism, Suprematism, which appeared in Russia, in St. Petersburg, and the "father" which was Kazimir Malevich.

Student of Malevich, Vladimir Sterligov based his creativity is not on a straight line and a curved, more intrinsic to nature. His pictorial system he called "cup-cupola", and the school of Sterligov, which includes the exhibited artists, repelled by this coordinate system. A cup of the sky, the cupola of the temple - sometimes these forms clearly read in their landscapes, portraits, still lives...

Alexander Baturin studied at Sterligov before the war, in 1931, and returned from the Stalin exile already established artist. In the post-perestroika period, with the lifting of the Iron Curtain, his "lyrical geometry gardens" became known in Russia and abroad - in Paris, even at one time there was an institution such as the Institute of Baturin. Pictures of Alexander Baturin are kept in the museums and private collections.

Gennady Zubkov, who met Sterligov already in the sixties, and was engaged in his studio (his and his wife Tatyana Glebova, student of Filonov), - in the eighties brought together students of Sterligov, began teaching his creative system and make your own additions. Paintings by Gennady Zubkov are in many museum collections, the number of his Russian and foreign exhibitions incalculable. Of the most notable international exhibitions that which took place in the seventies in the United States - an event for the Soviet era was fantastic.

Elizaveta Alexandrova stepped eightieth birthday, in her work is true to the ordinances of spirituality, whose she perceived at the early times from Vladimir Sterligov. She also studied in his home studio in Peterhof (since 1963).

In her works the artist consequently continues the tradition of the classical avant-garde of St. Petersburg. Working in a technique of painting collage, which combines oil painting and different fabric textures, the artist was able to create the bright unique style. Themes of most works of the master based on biblical stories. However, the pictures painted on biblical subjects, do not carry the edification only - they live, above all, by the laws of painting - subtle color combinations, fresh composite solutions - all the things that will always be at the forefront of art.

Alexey Gostintsev in 1969 meets Sterligov and begins to study painting in his studio. His painting is inherent unusual overlay of paint layers. The colors of his palette - light green, gray, beige, white, navy blue, light blue and light yellow - radiate peace, cause the condition similar to the meditative. At first glance, means of expression his restrained palette are designed only to reveal a powerful, deep stress. In creating his paintings layer by layer, Gostintsev frees for us his true, inner essence of the soul and depth of character. His works appeal to the self-absorbed mused contemplation.