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Exhibition of 2012


«On the sunny side of life»

11.12.2012 - 12.01.2013

«On the sunny side of life»

Tatyana Potvorova - a young artist from Belarus. Her youth - is not only the age, a relative term. This is state of mind, which is very likely, she will keep for life. This is nice quality, it makes possible to see the world with fresh, unbiased look - and expect from him miracles and gifts. Such expectations are obliged to come true, and the world generously showered Potvorova their gifts - the perfect pink morning, the bulk of evening city lights, the glitter of sun on the surface of the sea, a bright bouquet of flowers, the clear frosty day...

Each artist - a little magician, he sees things in a different way, not as a camera. The universe is refracted in his soul and appeared before the audience in an unusual light. He can give us the sadness, anger, frustration, and also his joy, love, smile and can convey sadness.

Tatyana Potvorova universe bathed in sunshine and full of joy - summer begins! The day begins! Flowers placed on a window sill! Objects and characters of Potvorova’s paintings are on the sunny side of life. And they are so convincing in their beauty and freshness that it possible to recall the words of Alexander Volodin, "It's a shame to be unhappy..."