Интернет-журнал "Новости искусства в Санкт-Петербурге"

Exhibition of October 2013


«The Head is Full of Sun»

09.09.2013 - 28.09.2013

Ever since was carried my first solo exhibition at the gallery S.P.A.S., has been passed almost twenty years - it was in 1992. All these years the gallery exhibited my pictures, our art relations over the years have not been interrupted, to the mutual satisfaction. Thus, a new solo exhibition, "The Head is Full of Sun", pictures of which were painted mostly in the last few years and even more - in the last year, rooted in the past, has a long history.

Walls of the gallery S.P.A.S. were consequently the evident of different periods of my work. Main line of my painting - is abstract painting. This time I decided to show new line for me - expressionism. This is a completely new direction for me, which is completely captured my imagination lately, and the novelty of sensations, novelty perception of the world, the cosmos, as if pushing me to the easel, new pictures are created by themselves - perhaps it is an inspiration itself.

I would like to share with the audience a joyful sense of discovery of a new, miraculous transformation of emotions into the painting, when everything around me seemed to sparkle in the sun, washed by a short and stormy summer rainfall, and turns into the bright spots of color, in joy, and the air is filled with the ozone.

Zaza Kharabadze

The name of the exhibition - "The Head is Full of Sun." So once called his biography Yves Montand, and the same words can be repeated by Kharabadze, who once upon a time had come to our city from Georgia, but has not lost a sunny, warm outlook on life, despite of all the rains and clouds of Petersburg. Whatever portrayed the artist - the Crimean landscapes, streets of Saint-Petersburg, the faces of friends, flowers - all steeped in sunshine, warm atmosphere, the energy of life. Pictures by Zaza as welcoming hosts, invite the viewer to enter his inner world where generosity of the artist's soul will warm everybody and will give joy to all.