Интернет-журнал "Новости искусства в Санкт-Петербурге"

Exhibition of December 2013

Oleg Oleynik and Anna Chepurnaya-Oleynik

«Persistence of visions»

26.11.2013 - 20.12.2013

Oleg Oleynik

Art - this is an attempt of the artist to express un-expressible by limited means, intuitively to reach the very precipice which situated out of edges of visible world.

Artist is the mediator between the real and the sensual. My images are natural. I refer to them all that surround us - from the flower and the sun, to erasure and cigarette but on the pavement. In the art they are equal.

The images must be born spontaneously and even occasionally. Being in the emotional rise and creative rush you can see the images which open our non-simple reality.

Technique, methods of painting, effects, bright combinations of color - there are new possibilities for the artist who seek for the answers to his questions.

There are no chances, everything carries the aim and sense, which is sometimes not a suspect for artist himself.

When the artists is family their influence on each other’s is complimentary. This is a support, an inspiration, and creative impulse. A series of works “Persistence of visions” was created together and at the same time, in the mutual studio we share images, thoughts, discussing the finished paintings and the work process. This is “family” series of pictures.

Anna Chepurnaya-Oleynik

All of my images in the pictures - it is creative search. I perceive the time, reality, think about them, comprehend the saw. In spite of curiosity of these images, they reflect all what the man knows - gladness, worries, rapture, anxiety, solitude, tortures of love, complicity of the human relations.

In the pictures - two of constant antagonists: sense and nonsense. On the one hand - everyday life and ordinary things - and on the other - some power, invaded in this life from the side of absence of logic and sense.

Not by chance series “Persistence of visions” filled with images of animals. There are an elephant, a horse, a hen and a cow.

I find them more “open”, spiritually “stable”, they “animated” in my pictures. Here they are more emotional signs then just images of animals. But, may be, this is a dream to return to nature, to sincerity, to primordiality?

Let us my “thoughts” in the pictures not be available to a word, let some “innuendo” impulse the soul of spectator.

Let feeling of incredible and unseen enter in our life! This is a motto of my work.