Интернет-журнал "Новости искусства в Санкт-Петербурге"

Exhibition of March 2014

«A view from the soul»

18.02.2014 - 22.03.2014

In our gray city days pass, in fact, unnoticed, but when it's a sunny day, everything freezes in enjoying this celebration of life. In the paintings by Dmitry Ermolov is hidden this delight of sun, such rare moments for the northern capital. They carry heat, and you want to endlessly admire the scenery, whether ashore of South Seas or views of the southern seas of the northern capital from the water.

It would seem that the exhibition can be divided into two sections, but there is something common in all the paintings - a love of water expanses and sun, for the heat, which animates all around and makes us stopping and enjoy these joyous moments.

The artist admires sunny Petersburg and wants to share his experiences with the audience. Let these moments are fleeting in our city, but this is the aim of good painting to day-to-day delight the beholder and to remind you that our city is not always shrouded in grayness and dank.

Not accidentally Dmitry addressed especially to water expanses of the city, because Peter I himself put emphasis on the fact that Saint-Petersburg - the Sea Capital of Russia. North Venice... New Holland... The whole architecture and landscape were built in such a way that from the water are disclosed in the best light. Also travel around the city was planned exclusively on water, hence the boats and sailboats.

In southern landscapes hidden nostalgia for childhood of artist. Summer, which Dmitry spent at home of his relatives on the sea in Odessa. Here frozen moment of the serene days when you could just sit like that on board the boat and with best friend to enjoy the sea, without thinking about the affairs and concerns, its adults business.

Looking at these paintings, you want to stay, remember this carefree time, because everyone in his life had own summer, own travel to relatives, own moments of lightheartedness. And we must always remember that, regardless of age, status and concerns.

A manner of works painting cannot dislike. Love of Impressionism is clear in each canvas. Extremely not randomly was selected an oil. Material is not only alive, but also, according to Dmitry Ermolov, transmitting warmth of the hands of paintings’ creator.

Artist's attitude to life captivates, in each canvas - optimism, charge only positive and warm. Agree, in our often gray, cold but infinitely beloved city sometimes you want to stop and admire the light and nostalgic memories like these.

art critic Catherine Krymova