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Exhibition of May 2014

«Echo of the war»

29.04.2014 - 24.05.2014

Echo of the war

From April 29 to May 24, 2014 will take place an exhibition of paintings by young artist from Belarus called "Echo of the War ". Another exhibition - continued search of possibility to illustrate the tragedy of the events of those times. This is particularly topical in our time, when the Great Feat of our compatriots they are trying to downplay and distort. A distinctive feature is to draw attention to the current bias of continuing attempts to redraw the political map of the world.

War theme in the work of the young artist is not accidentally takes an important place. The artist was born in Belarus, the country most affected during the Great Patriotic War. As you know, every fourth inhabitant of the republic did not live up to the victorious days. Grandfather of the artist participated in the guerrilla movement as machine-gunner of brigade "Zheleznyak". Glorified brigade in the occupied territory by the Nazis from 1942 to 1944 held the Soviet regime, giving fierce resistance to the Nazis, saving the lives of civilians and allowing the Red Army to attack in the most favorable conditions. Stories about it in the imagination of the young artist left an indelible mark and influenced the choice of the theme of many works.

Along with canvases imprinting days of the war, presented works on the current day.