Интернет-журнал "Новости искусства в Санкт-Петербурге"

Exhibition of February 2013



15.01.2013 - 09.02.2013


I have put up with the fact that very few people are interested in painting, except for the artists and their circle of friends and acquaintances. The last mass visiting of exhibitions related, perhaps, with the opposition to the communist regime, that is, when was the policy involved. But I would paint on a desert island for my own pleasure. And "Mitki" also acted so, arranging apartment exhibitions, where themselves they were also the public. In short, I exhibit canvases painted for pleasure. Therefore, they "modern" so as it turned out. Task to paint "modernly" I've never put. I reject the "actual art." One of two words here is superfluous. "Actual" means "one-off". This concept - a product of race consumption, suitable only for journalism.

Like everyone, I feel my life as much lacking. But I have learned to paint my life to the point of happiness, which accommodates me to the life completely. Of course, I "add the painting" to the life also with the help of literary writing, and film, but this is just an extension of expression. I would like to awaken those who catch the eye of my work, a sense of sympathy for me, and even better, just love. I am patient and unpretentious, but legible. I want to be judged by people for who, as for me, have the greatest joy are intellectual effort and admiration. However, among them quite a lot who are looking for destructive experiences, and they want the author be self-destructed. Survival instinct prevents me from being able to please also such people. But I could do it! I prefer to rest happy, in addition this state is contagious.

V. Tikhomirov. SPb 2012