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Exhibition of March 2013

«Invisible erotica»

12.02.2013 - 02.03.2013

Invisible erotica

Exhibition in the S.P.A.S. Gallery presents several directions of creative work by M. Podgaevskaya.

The main theme of paintings - pictures in the nude style. There are also flowers and jazz.

The exhibition reflects the result of several years, and the artist's search of different themes. Shows how these themes are intertwined in various pictures, creating a style of the author.

"I would like to reveal emotional female characters, reveal their exciting, anxiety.

Additions to this are the flowers: irises and orchids that by its structure, nature underline curves, the beauty of the body.

Jazz paintings enrich the same raw by music and improvisation, which is also typical of female nature.

nowledge of classical painting techniques can increase the sense of transparency, transience in the raw of nude works, and interaction of techniques strengthen the transfer of certain feelings.

I think that for a woman as emotional being, must be close these: nude, music, flowers. Therefore, these themes are combined in my exhibition and most fully convey my world, my essence of the artist.

Marina Podgaevskaya