Интернет-журнал "Новости искусства в Санкт-Петербурге"

Exhibition of 2015

«Vivid nature morte»

25.12.2015 - 30.01.2016

If you see in the picture
A cup of coffee on a table,
Or juice in a large carafe,
Or a rose in the crystal,
Or a bronze vase,
Or a pear, or a cake,
Or all of the items at once -
Know - this is nature morte.

MiKhail Yasnov

The words "nature morte", the perception in the Russian language for the title of the painting depicting subjects - of French origin, and translates a little bit hopelessly - "dead nature." In English this painting is called with a touch of poetry - "still life",

Anyway, any nature morte still life - it's kind of a portrait: it always bears the imprint of the personality of who it put on a stage, or a person, nearby to which it appeared itself accidentally. The only difference is that at the portrait we see the person's face, his or her eyes - a mirror of the soul, his or her demeanor, habits of - and form an opinion about the character, mood, personality, which we can build on these obvious facts.

Nature morte tells about a person roundabout, more delicately, leaving room for imagination, allowing speculate, to go from the general to the particular, to detail, to build conclusions - in other words, to apply the deduction. What kind of persons these subjects surround, whose house they live in - the artist or the clerk, rich or poor, pedant or sluts? Chatterbox this is or silent, merry or melancholy, a miser or spender - all these things can tell you the objects when you look at them more attentively. Not occasionally in the old days nature morte spoke the language of allegory, often carried much more symbolic load - orange - the Garden of Eden, the apple - Fall, rosary - piety, lily - innocence ...

Winter exhibition of the S.P.A.S. gallery present still lives by contemporary artists of different styles and directions, and each of these pictures - is not only a combination of certain colors on the canvas, but also space for the imagination.