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Exhibition of March 2016

Arina Bora

«A smile of fortune»

02.02.2016 - 14.02.2016

The works, presented at the exhibition are painted by Arina Bora, who was born in Leningrad.

In her family hers grandfather and mother both are artists, they instilled Arina love of painting. But she continued her studies at the History Department of Leningrad State University, then - at the University of Milan and the State University of Calabria (Rende city, Italy), where she studied philosophy, art history and theory. There, in the city of Rende, she graduated from a private art school at the State University of Calabria.

Arina is a participant of the project of European fairy tales illustration, organized by Rolan Bykov.

Arina works, combining two distinct styles in hers works, and defines it as a naive symbolism.

In her art works clearly expressed use of methods of naive art and symbolism.

Primitivism is the direction in art, when an artist deliberately refers to works of prehistoric, medieval, folk and children's creativity. Naive art is developing in the areas mastered by professional art, but retains its own goals and its own original method.

The symbolism is an artistic direction, which is characterized by the dualism of the ideal and the material, moral and spiritual rapprochement with the religious. Forthe symbolismit is important concealed, hidden side of a phenomenon.

Multilateral talents of Arina require actions, and she writes novels on historical themes, illustrates them, translates from Italian, English, German and Polish languages, including for the Seminary and teaches foreign languages.

This exhibition is a continuation of her exhibition activity.

The artist says: "I want my works to give joy, good mood and positive art phantasies both to the adults and children. My Fortune in this case - the goddess of happiness, not changeable, but rather synthesizes all the good, successful and long-awaited, the dream of the people. These pictures are kind of pictures-talismans. "