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Exhibition of March 2016

«A light breeze and the sound of the waves»

16.02.2016 - 14.03.2016

«A light breeze and the sound of the waves»

Be simple, like wind, tireless like the sea,
And saturated with the memory, as ground.
Love distant sail of a ship
And song of waves that noisy at the vastness.

Maximilian Voloshin

Life in winter in the severe northern latitudes becomes unbearable, even with all the signs of its prosperity, - darkness, cold and slush in high doses can cause depression even among the staunch people, and Saint-Petersburg residents are no exception.

The person who sneaks, driven by cold wind, home, trying not to step in the slush and not to fall over on the slippery spots, willy-nilly dreams of something pleasant - bright, sunny and warm. As an exhausted wanderer in the desert sees a mirage of oasis with palm trees and a pond, so the thoughts of person ??wintering in the north reach to the summer and the sea.

In fact, for the healing of emotional wounds of the sufferer do not even need namely the sea. Although the sound of the surf, combined with the cries of seagulls is capable of the much. A lake, a pond or a river will do just as well - any water surface, uncovered by ice. Quiet, mirrored water surface brings peace. Stormy ocean waves delight as the spectacle of the mighty forces of nature - especially if the viewer is some distanced, and on the beach.

If we talk about painting, water surface, placed in a frame, emphasizes the beauty of the landscape as well as a mirror, which beauty Venus looks to at the pictures by many famous artists. Or just a beauty.

Darker all, as you know, before dawn. And at the end of winter, when it already seems infinite, S.P.A.S. gallery will open an exhibition of paintings "A light breeze and the sound of the waves" - where all the pictures - landscapes with water image. There are sea views, images of rivers, creeks, streams ... All these works of art are able to warm up frozen during winter soul and will help to stay afloat until the onset of heat.