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Exhibition of September 2016

«Oh, heart’s remembrance...»

01.08.2016 - 31.08.2016

Oh, heart’s remembrance! You are, yet,
Muсh stronger than sad one of reasons;
And, often in a distant land,
Bewitch me with your even sweetness.

Konstantin Batyushkov

What is the picture as not a moment stopped for eternity? As soon as it was touched the last time by the brush of the artist, all-powerful time immediately begins its work, taking with itself all the real beings and things - farther and farther forward - but the picture remains unchanged. Painting - is rare thing in its uniqueness: it cannot be considered a commodity, although it is sold, it cannot compare with the photograph, although it is an image, sometimes very realistic. In short, if there are objects endowed with a soul, the paintings belong to them in the first place. Sometimes here concluded the whole range of feelings, ideas and experiences, to transmit that the book needed a thousand words, hundreds of pages - but the picture - just one look attentive and responsive audience.

One look - and the leaves start rustle, the smell of flowers and herbs appear, and the whole summer from a distant youth flashed into memory and caused a dreamy smile. Another - in high in the sky birds flew away, as if calling to lift one-s head from the ground, from the short-term routine, and afford the flight of fancy. Each picture among presented on August art exhibition in the gallery S.P.A.S. " Oh, heart’s remembrance..." - a reckless journey through the recesses of the soul, of the half-forgotten aspirations of the heart, which reminds of the difference in transitory, ephemeral and eternal.