Интернет-журнал "Новости искусства в Санкт-Петербурге"

Exhibition of December 2016



30.11.2016 - 21.12.2016



We are alive supporting on our own and other people's versions. Out of the roads of evolution just realized something like that the world is binary: day - night, the male - female, ideal - material, cheerful - sad ...

Especially playful in versions appeared on the politicians. Their capital is directly dependent on the ability to introduce into the consciousness of others their own version and cleverly trying to distance themselves from it.

For the artist a version - is material. He repeats or method of creation of nature or creates the secondary - art for art.

Painting by Vadim Krugovov is that rare branch in avant-garde art, which explores the structure of the material world. Not stripped structure forms but the structure of the material embodiment. The world does not disappear completely in the formal search, but appears in a new incarnation, created by fantasy of artist, but not a stranger for nature itself.

Nowadays you often meet artists who downplay the beauty of the existing world, its richness and diversity. I have always aroused suspicion concern artists who claimed to work own reality. Compete with the creation of the Lord - it is action barren and, in essence, satanic. This wild claim to creation of did not exist before in nature, alas, sin in this century many of those whose names are now known all over the world. Trying to build a kind of parallel universe with the Lord - is the true Satanism.

Creativity of Vadim Krugovov based on the concentration of ideas - how to catch the idea of a real, existing creation of the Lord. In this Vadim Krugovov is similar to the designer of circular aircraft, missiles, submarine, because all of these constructions is the continuation of God's will, hath brought these ideas to the nature. But in nature, there are also a lot of hidden ideas. Remove them from the outer shell - a noble task both for the scientist and the artist. Vadim Krugovov in his painting just creates ideas that are hidden deep in the nature of things and their relationship, hidden, but existing, not invented. In this sense, about Vadim Krugovov you can say that the truth is more important to him than imagination, although in visible form, of course, he is full of fantasy, and at first glance his work fits into the framework of abstract art. But consider him like this - it would be misleading.

Therein lies the difficulty of the artist, complicating somewhat the perception of his works, it is also, perhaps, prevent and true glory, which the artist has long deserved. But such is the fate of an elitist art.

However, in the artistic environment of Saint- Petersburg, he is known for a long time. They know him among the artists  ”Gasa-Nevsky" orientation, in the circles of the artistic underground in general. Vadim Krugovov - one of the most notable artists of the famous group "The Island", in which took part in various exhibitions. He has participated in international exhibitions, although, of course, is not enough for such a master as he is. It is no exaggeration to say he deserves a European fame. But whether he will have it, it depends on various circumstances.

Vadim Krugovov - a man universally talented. Designer, graphic artist, art critic and writer, who published several books of prose, the poet. About all the facets of his talent can be talk of a lot and meaningful. But here we present a painter, and I would like to express a few thoughts about the whole system of the artist, albeit rough, dotted. Of course, my words can be the key to only one side of the work of this multi-faceted artist.

Victor Krechetov