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Exhibition of February 2017

Valeriya Kozina


25.01.2017 - 18.02.2017


Bright originality, integrity, extraordinary, uniqueness - these, may be, have become commonplaces, words could not accurately describe her art. It is not easy to find your own way, individual creative manner. Valeriya directed her attention to the art of French masters, but she does not imitate anyone, remaining free and independent. Her creative method - introspection building on a bright and rich imagination. She seeks to express the unseen in colors, lines, rhythms.

In her art there is a depth of biographical print, which has become the main driving force of the artist and pushing her to the innovation and originality. She has a variety of themes and plot motifs: landscape, flowers, fruits and landscapes with boats. She unconsciously dissolves in the natural beauty of a favorite motif, without thinking about the methods, the means and formal tricks.

A work of art is not important in itself, it is a reflection of the artist's personality. In this regard, her works with the ladies are very characteristic for Valeriya as an artist and person. Firstly, they are talking about the romantic structure of her soul, and, secondly, they sounded nostalgic for the aesthetics and beauty of the XIX century. The composition of the work is clear, it is different by forms of asymmetry. Image intentionally put to the fore. In every human face, she founds a unique feature of life, the reason for the lyrical motif.

Her women characters are emotionally active, mysterious self-absorbed. The broad vigorous strokes outlined conditional space, full of quivering lines fulfilled contours and the motions of bodies, that is particularly expresses a susceptibility and peculiar soulful characters.

At the same time in the interpretation of images present some caricaturing that gives them inner mobility and full-blooded. "Movement - the spirit of the painting" (Hogarth). Painting - is an expression of the subjective feeling of the artist, created on the basis of laws of aesthetics. Without breaking these laws, he (the artist) can produce his own ones. Valeriya Kozina marked by original compositional gift. The special sense of space reflects her unique artistic thinking. The relationship of the image and the space - one of the main sides of Kozina's creativity.

The artist is interested not only and not so much a formal relationship of image and space details on the pictorial plane, but a deeper relationships between a man and his environment, art and nature, civilization and art.

The whole is created by detail. Therefore, much attention the artist pays precision in the details. He borrows from Cezanne the idea that every single detail is just as important as any thing entirely. In painting by Kozina, the main role is played color spot - it carries a light and sonority of palette. Live spot "sits" in the space. Valeriya imbues her paintings with light, which comes from the collision of colors. She throws colors on canvas vigorously and rapidly.

Valeriya Kozina - a brilliant draughtsman, but the viewer is required here aesthetic sensitivity to perceive the nature of the fine gesture of the artist, who realized the game of exquisite pattern image with a color plane, with texture, in order to understand the color design of the art work, in which the "alloyed" pattern, with quivering "live" lines. She does not seek to perfect drawing, only the characteristic gives originality.

Art by Kozina can not be squeezed into the shape of a closed or otherwise determination, the style. For it does not apply a one-dimensional or generalizing interpretation. Artistic paintings by Valeriya Kozina - a labor of artist-seeker, an artist who is not inclined to settle down, who having reached for something, is not satisfied with this, and thinks yet about of future work. We see the originality of the art world, her special plastic language, her sadness and her joy for the people.