Интернет-журнал "Новости искусства в Санкт-Петербурге"

Exhibition of July 2017

Nastya Zeelova, Natalya Kim and Natasha Toly

«A number of new harmonies»

09.06.2017 - 30.06.2017

The exhibition "A number of new harmonies" unites three artists participating in the art association "Form + Color": Nastya Zeelova, Natalya Kim and Natasha Toly. Art works of these artists brings together the attitude to the pictorial and plastic means, which allows you to convey all the joy of communicating with the surrounding world, without losing your own individuality. The association "Form + Color" includes artists who passed the school of Vladimir Vasilievich Sterligov, and later - the study of the pictorial culture in the studio of Gennady Zubkov. Acquaintance with cup-and-cupola art means, Impressionist color and Matyushin scale, the formative possibilities of Cubism and Suprematism, help these artists to express themselves more fully.

The participants of the exhibition are united not only by a certain system of learning and comprehension of the foundations of artistic culture, but also as a result of contact with the tradition of using pictorial and plastic means - by treating the surrounding world as a source of artistic problems and ways to resolve them. At the exhibition in the S.P.A.S. gallery presented mainly the latest work of artists, reflecting the range of their interests and issues of concern to them.

Nataliya Kim by participation in the exhibition opens a new stage in her work - the long-awaited appearance of color in all its manifestations. Nataliya for a long time sought to color, developing the structure and comprehending of division. In 1981, when she first saw the works of Vladimir Sterligov and Tatyana Glebova and got to classes with Pavel Kondratyev, and then - with Gennady Zubkov, Natalya gained a new experience of understanding the surrounding world and its arrangement on the plane of paper and canvas. This influence and this experience she carries in her works to this day, maintaining an inner connection with her predecessors and teachers and without losing her individual approach to the problems posed by them and the later appeared pictorial-plastic problems. A great event in the creative work of Nataliya Kim - "an experience of full measure" - finds its embodiment in the image of musicians, like those who she forever loved in the works of Tatyana Glebova and what arose in her own works. The color that has arisen in them, not only paints the world with all the variety of its shades, but also fills it with a new sound, similar to what is heard in the works of Nataliya's colleagues.

In the works by Nastya Zeelova color plays the role of one of the structures for the construction of the pictorial plane, but it also sounds, has weight, tonality, length and tension. It like everything that forms a space inside and around, forms a new state of being. Nastya, having a special interest in understanding and sensing the subject form in space, is engaged in research of new pictorial means, studying the possibilities and features of the Matyushin scale. Space as a thing in itself, the categories of its balancing are as important as the whole, consisting of many small elements - Nastya looks at the general form as a system of interrelated components, on space - as in a set of combined forms, where the color connects them with its consonance, flowing from one form to another.

Natasha Toly's pastels carry the tranquility of the surrounding natural world, but also the unpredictable grandeur of its destructive energy. Color, sounding and sometimes ringing, fills the plane of paper, twisting a whirlwind of curved lines in trees, sky and earth. The closeness with the works of the other two participants of the exhibition - in color and in the analytical approach to the shaping of the pictorial and plastic space - constitutes the same "a number of new harmonies" embodied not only in the instruments used by the artists, but also in that integral sensation of lightness and simultaneously fullness of being, which they manage to transmit in their own works, following their teachers and predecessors.

Lizaveta Matveeva