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Exhibition of August 2017

«Comfort zone»

01.07.2017 - 31.08.2017

Comfort zone

Recently, calls have been heard from anywhere to get out of the comfort zone. After this, as it is said, a person is waiting for something extraordinary. It will be just something unimaginable. Perhaps it will enrich his life, reveal new horizons ... maybe. However, not everyone dares to go for such a cold shower, although they have heard about its usefulness.

The majority of people do not so much gravitate towards the usual order of things, cling to the old one, rather they are trying to create around their own world - the near circle of people who are pleasant to the heart, who will never harm you, who is not nice at heart, but nice at peace.

Each person has such a circle of people who are friendly to him - and this may even be not only real, living friends, but literary heroes, characters of the pictures - they left a mark on the heart, touched by something, they are pleasant with some of their feature...

Such a circle of nice people depicted in the pictures, what you can see at the exhibition from the funds of the S.P.A.S gallery in August - not without reason it is called "Comfort Zone". All the characters of the paintings presented at the exhibition, are cute at least by something, they all make up a picturesque, friendly, nice community, and the viewer is only waiting for the joy in this meeting with art.