Интернет-журнал "Новости искусства в Санкт-Петербурге"

Exhibition of May 2013


«Marquis's puddle»
Painting, graphics

29.04.2013 - 18.05.2013

“There is everything in this file:
palms, girls, blue sea, white ship:”
(Ilf and Petrov)

No, this is not Rio de Janeiro, as told to O. Bender. Not Tahiti with sleepy girls. This beach... of Marquis’s puddles, our grayish summer. Artist Alexander Borkov decorated shore with bright spots of bodies. Such subtropics in the middle lane will not meet. "The dream of a poet!"

But when the bank is empty, then you notice the horizon. Here is a portrait of tenacious bush on the white sand, portrait of cloud. This is not the atmospheric phenomenon - there are fluids of painting.

And people seem to have come to water not with aim to swim, but to be a model for the artist. The scenes here are simple: people sitting and standing, already undressed and dressed yet. The Aztecs and the Egyptians mixed with close heroes of Ilf and Petrov. There are people unmasked, deprived secondary social traits. At times, lost in contemplation of some body, you can dislocate the neck...

Cloud looks down and wonders why there are plane, where, in fact, the mountains. Sorry, there are sand dunes only, where sometimes roasted barbecue and volleyball is played on the background of something impending, very lead or, sometimes, the pearl.

Well in the springtime to get on a sun-drenched exhibition and in the summer, also not too bad. It's better than going on the electric train in Solnechnoye or in Zelenogorsk. They say to swim here we are not safe - you go out, and the paint is not dried out - you can stay as copper-orange Brazilian or beautifully bent Tahitian topless.

Boris Grigorin