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Exhibition of March 2018

«It happened with her to find him»

20.02.2018 - 17.03.2018

«It happened with her to find him»

It happened with her to find him,
There was no life without him,
For a long time this plot is known,
But there is no better show.

Mutual relations between a man and a woman during the existence of mankind are devoted to ninety percent of literature, worthy references. The remaining ten percents are dictionaries, calendars, reference books and other auxiliary materials. For example, the sky maps used in navigation. But here you can also see something lyrical - "eyes as beautiful as stars", promises "to give a star" ... well, and so on.

Painting in this respect is a little inferior to literature. Or does not concede at all - because if in the book the events in the life of the heroes and their thoughts are rather rigidly marked with words, the image in the picture - if it is not a small print with a lengthy inscription - allows the viewer to interpret what is happening to the best of his imagination's wealth. For example, the landscape is painted - quite realistic. One sees the face. Another sees a vase. But this is a picture of the road, the descent to the sea.

What, then, to talk about paintings with images of men and women - and their individual portraits, and paired, and plot pictures! Until the end of life in the human heart lives there is a readiness for romance. If the woman is elderly in the portrait, with traces of her former beauty, you can involuntarily think that she had a lot of admirers, and probably more than one husband, family secrets, "Whispers and the timid breathing, Nightingale's long trill". If the young, blooming one - how much ahead of her - the viewer reflects, - love rapture, and disappointment, and joy! If the man's portrait - is the same story: young, handsome - not one heart will be broken on his life path; older, interesting - surely without love in his life has not been.

Of course, even Freud said that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but an exhibition of paintings that the gallery S.P.A.S. will show on the brink of winter and spring - from February 21 to March 17, when Russia celebrates men's and women's holidays, - simply cannot be one-sided, unambiguous. Here, pictures of different contemporary authors of portrait and story genres will be presented, and although only a few of them show the moment of meeting or explanation, the viewer simply must feel the spring mood and see the girl's dreams and man's hopes where there seems to be no subtext.