Интернет-журнал "Новости искусства в Санкт-Петербурге"

Exhibition of November 2018

Alexander and Natalia Hodyuks


01.10.2018 - 27.10.2018

With this exhibition we open a new stage in our work and make a short report about those works that were created earlier. Now we are actively developing the theme of metaphysics. Metaphysics is interesting because it is an immense field for the activity of artists, it can include both sign images of insects, and images of animals and people.

To live or to capture life? Of course both to live and to capture life - in word, sound, paint. But - how to capture the existence of the world? It would seem that the question is obvious. So as to enrich the natural and human world by the artist's works. In painting, beauty, the harmony of nature and man were originally set by the Creator. Family life of artists becomes not only a biography, but also a creative destiny.

Modern society is extremely interested in preserving culture and in identifying of creative individuals. The experience of a separate creative personality is valuable for the history of art, as a laboratory of an individual method, which constitutes a common historical and cultural process. The artist's name among others is determined by a number of terms, but one of them is the most indisputable - time.

Creative and family union brings together professional experience and attitude to art. Freedom of creativity and the search for unique aesthetic concepts in each person individual.

At the exhibition, artists present their work with the transformation of images, showing the desire to realize the connection of creativity with the world of archetypes and its spiritual laws.

"A symbol is a being that is bigger than itself" - wrote the religious philosopher, scientist Pavel Florensky.

The laws of the projection of prototypes by means of art belong to the most intimate aspects of knowledge stored in the mysteries of antiquity. In the ancient, and later in the Byzantine culture, the recognition of sacral images was one of the fundamental principles of theological aesthetics.

A new exhibition, united by the name of one of the works - "Balance" - the creative search of artists, the combination of formative principles in a metaphysical dimension. The artist, not obeying any external canon, takes responsibility for his choice of ethical individualism, drawing ideas from the world of archetypes.

The creative and moral message of the work of Alexander and Natalia Hodyuks - in the statement of a very important thought - the world is beautiful in the sense of an unlimited, incomprehensible essence, and it is important for a person to store and cherish spiritual values.


Victor Budakov