Интернет-журнал "Новости искусства в Санкт-Петербурге"

Exhibition of February 20



28.01.20 - 26.02.20

Glembovetsky Oleg was born in Moscow on June 25, 1981. He graduated from the Children's Art School No. 3 named after Svyatoslav Richter. After he studied at the Aviation Institute, he served in the army, and as an adult he realized that he wanted to connect his life with art. He graduated from the Voronezh State Pedagogical University with a degree in art. From 2006 to 2011 he was engaged in theatrical decoration of theaters and entertainment events in the city of Voronezh. From 2013 to the 2014 academic year he was a volunteer at the Saint-Petersburg Academy of Arts named after Ilya Repin in the workshop of church-historical painting under the guidance of Professor A. K. Krylov. Mostly lives and works in Voronezh. Tries to constantly paint from life, goes to studies. At the exhibition - studies that he painted during his life in Saint-Petersburg.