Exhibition of November 2014

«Secret language of flowers»

01.10.2014 - 18.10.2014

From 1 to 18 October in the gallery S.P.A.S. will be held an exhibition of paintings titled "The Secret Language of Flowers". Artists of different styles, ages and attitudes will show their works.

Two hundred years ago, long before the appearance of the Internet and mobile phone - and even stationary one, usual foe everybody - people needed to communicate. At the very least it is obtained by means of letters, but for lovers, who need fin communication is higher than that of other people, it was not enough. And they invented language that allows secretly for uninitiated transmit messages to each other in public. In this the flowers helped them. Gloxinia, for example, meant love at first sight. Red rose, of course - true love. Striped carnation - denial. Poppy Field - "I dream about you..."

"Flowers are saying me - farewell" - written by Sergey Yesenin. But for him, they spoke the language of the heart. Since then, too, the time has passed - and the flowers still seemed fraught for each kind of message.

Those pictures, which can be seen at the exhibition, and each of which depicts flowers, belong to different artists, but from each of them beautiful creatures of nature speak to the audience on a tender language of beauty.