Exhibition of April 2015


«View through the window»

03.03.2015 - 28.03.2015

The artist says about himself: I was born in the Far North, where lived until 2013, now live in Vsevolozhsk district, under the window grow small fir trees.

 About the pictures: I like the simplicity and clarity of thought, I do not like the game in the art, consider painting a wonderful means of understanding and a source of joy.

Exhibition perceive primarily as an interesting opportunity to see the creativity in time and from the side. In the pictures mostly landscapes: human constructions, merged with the surrounding nature, portraits of his beloved wife, sometimes - flowers and still lives, occasionally there are scenes with human figures.

I am impressed by the discreet beauty of the object, in selecting the theme for the landscape, I can return periodically to the motive, if I have the opportunity to experience new flavors. The picture is only valid if there is an internal resonance, joy. Sometimes it is necessary to achieve this a long, sometimes it happens fast.