Exhibition of December 2016

Alexey Kiryanov, Yekaterina Posetselskaya


04.11.2016 - 25.11.2016


In Dutch it will be "STILLEVEN",
in English - "STILL-LIFE",
in German - "STILLEBEN",
but best of all, as seems for us, it conveys French - " NATURE MORTE ".

These words, translated into Russian - "dead nature" - are decisive for us! MORTE NATURE has not taken alive and animate, but only reminds people of what was once important to them, but was killed, disappeared into the mists of the Time and never come back ...

And we do not accidentally reversed the two component parts of the title, thus laying in the name  our sense. This is an attempt to treat the still life as not a beautiful picture, a report on the harvested, some exercise in interpretation of different textures and materials, duty staging with drapes, pleats and bottles. No! Rather, we see the still life as a symbol, as a sign, as a kind of metaphysical image that causes the viewer to recall a complex series of memories, associations and allusions. There are concrete and innuendo at the same time. There is an aambivalence of dead nature. Still life as a portrait of a passed time, still life as a long-forgotten landscape, still life as a monument to a moment flashed. In a word - MORTE NATURE.

Alexey Kiryanov
Yekaterina Posetselskaya