Exhibition of April 2017

Tatyana Lomzina

«Simple things»

24.03.2017 - 22.04.2017

Simple things

In April, the S.P.A.S. gallery will show a painting exhibition by Tatyana Lomzina under the title "Simple things". In the novel by Somerset Maugham "Christmas Holidays" heroine, a Russian girl Lydia, talking about the still lifes of Chardin: “: isn’t it wonderful that with those simple objects, with his painter’s exquisite sensibility, moved by the charity in his heart, that funny, dear old man should have made something so beautiful that it breaks you?”

Tatyana Lomzina's still lifes are made up of the same row of simple and familiar things that surround us every day and are so familiar that they have become invisible.

The artist, placing them in her picture, as if  touches them with a magic wand, like a fairy to a pumpkin, and their beauty, elegance and elegance appear.

The composition of the paintings is strict and laconic, just a few items - a jug, flowers, lace napkin - but they are all filled with harmony, pleasing to the eye. As a composer of only seven notes creates a melody that does not resemble others, is remembered, imprint into the soul, so as Lomzina's pictures, exquisitely simple, make us peer at them, listen to their soft melody.

In these pictures there is a warm light of yellow, golden, orange, red flowers and fruits, placed on a neutral background. The very mimosas that disturbed the Master in Margarita's hands are not screamed at Lomzina's painting, their timid beauty quietly echoes with other yellow flowers, recalling that the yellow color is the color of joy, of the sun.

The modest background of the paintings, its angled lines, the textured surfaces counterbalances the warm, color image, adds a hint of coolness, some sharpness and a little of Saint-Petersburg restraint.