Exhibition of May 2019

Gennady Zubkov

painting and graphics

02.04.2019 - 27.04.2019



Gennady Zubkov needs no introduction. His position on the Saint- Petersburg art scene is strong and stable. Zubkov is a participant and organizer of numerous exhibitions, the founder of the school, the custodian, successor and promoter of the method that goes back to the system of his teacher Vladimir Vasilyevich Sterligov.

Zubkov is an adherent of the system and plan, in his works there is always a clearly defined task, the subject is considered as a plastic element, and the composition takes on the form of a formula. However, the desire in the first place “to draw a problem” (Sterligov) does not lead to rationality and schematism: in the works of the artist we invariably feel a trace of living, direct contact with reality. 

Gennady Zubkov is undoubtedly an established artist: a recognizable stylistics, a specific repertoire of themes and motives, the employment of the usual medium of painting. However, he does not stop at what has been achieved and is able to surprise. Not that Zubkov had never turned to pastels before, but at this exhibition it leads an autonomous existence, appears as a new material. Even the quantity itself becomes a substantial quality: there are many, very many sheets, they form an infinite tape of continuing images, simultaneously similar and different. The technique itself paradoxically unites the speculative and organic: the linear "pattern" structures the image, turning objects into signs, a large "grain" of soft and sensual pastel strokes penetrates the contours, returning to them, objects, "physical", material existence. The state of these still lives is the best fit for the German (and English) definition of the genre – Stilleben (“still life”). Objects (pears, apples, bottles, bottles, jars, cups, glasses, vases, jugs, pots, glasses) stand or lie side by side, touch each other or keep a distance, form groups or line up ... The main theme of these works are the interactions and relationships: silent, trusting "conversations" of objects, light rhymes of forms.

The world in Zubkov’s pastels is not simple, but harmonious - it’s not by chance that the “figured part” of the image is inscribed in some abstract planes perceived by a grid of coordinates (both literally and figuratively). And this is a lesson for the contemporaneity, often losing its foothold. Another thing is also important: in Zubkov’s pastels, the time run is suspended, and valuable experience of “slow” existence has been returned to us, albeit briefly.


Irina Karasik


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