Exhibition of March 2020

Victor Norkin (VAN)


28.02.2020 - 27.03.2020



     This a long word like a sentence There’saParadiseSomewhere is not a speculation, but a statement. Saying that VAN can show exact coordinates and a place on the map…

It does not matter that it has nothing to do with the Earth or any other planet or a soil.

     VAN does know the place. This is the map of an abyss.

     That abyss where one can fails and fall in a long time, turning in each direction,  while flying down like a little dead bird...and then, all of a sudden, one meets a  headwind and spreads his wings and soars up, up, suddenly alive, with his head to the sky.

     Amid of all spaces which are so transparent from any side, there is a little island called Paradise. VAN was lucky to have met it in his way in the right time. He had not to stay there… But he could get his breath there, feel the ground under feet and try on the happiness for himself.

     VAN remembers. He should catch time to draw everything from memory till the airstreams change their directions.



                                                                                                     Svetlana Norkina



*VAN thanks his Moscow friend for giving him a code which is now the name of VAN’s exhibition There’saParadiseSomewhere.